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Werner Josten
Music of Werner Josten
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Josten/Kubik Gail Kubik Marie-Thérèse Chailley, viola; Arthur Krilov, oboe; Gail Kubik, Conductor; David Shifrin, clarinet; William Scribner, bassoon; H. Rex Cooper, piano; Arthur Hanneuse, trumpet; Leopold Stokowski, Conductor; American Symphony Orchestra; Frank Glazer, piano; French Radio Orchestra; Members of the American Symphony Orchestra; Paul Dunkel, flute play
Music of Werner Josten Werner Josten American Symphony Orchestra; Leopold Stokowski, Conductor; David Del Tredici, piano; H. Rex Cooper, piano; David Shifrin, clarinet; Arthur Krilov, oboe; Paul Dunkel, flute; William Scribner, bassoon; Polish National Radio Orchestra; William Strickland, Conductor play
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