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 Edition Wandelweiser is a product of the Wandelweiser Group, an international aggregate of composers including founders Antoine Beuger and Burkhard Schlothauer, Austrian trombonist Radu Malfatti (of b-boim records), American guitarist Michael Pisaro and others.  The concentration in this music is on silence and the way it prepares and resolves sound.  Most of the works are cd length in scope and require focused listening, but are incredibly rewarding to their dedicated audience.

Suggested Listening

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson: Counting Keys (Works for Piano)

Michael Pisaro
Michael Pisaro: An Unrhymed Chord

Burkhard Schlothauer
Burkhard Schlothauer: Abregistrieren

Antoine Beuger
Antoine Beuger: silent harmonies in discrete continuity

Recently Added Albums

Eva-Maria Houben
Eva-Maria Houben: Lost In Dreams

Thomas Stiegler
Thomas Stiegler/Peter Ablinger: Anfangen (:Aufhoeren)

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson/Samuel Vriezen

Craig Shepard
Craig Shepard: On Foot: Brooklyn

C. Kenneth Lee
C. Kenneth Lee: Dialogues With Environments

Eva-Maria Houben
Eva-Maria Houben: Orgelbuch