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West Coast Soundings

Edition Wandelweiser Records
1976 — 2013

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play Segue 5:00 Mark So    
play Small World 7:17 Michael Winter    
play Between the Rhine and Los Angeles 8:08 Chris Kallmyer    
play Nest 10:17 Tashi Wada    
play Harmonium #1 9:38 James Tenney    
play 180 Degrees 18:21 Liam Mooney    
play Outliers 10:11 Scott Cazan    
play Waltz 5:16 Laura Steenberge    
play Frames 15:36 Catherine Lamb    
play Trio 11:46 Quentin Tolimieri    
play Possible Dust 5:22 Casey Anderson    
play A Single Charm Is Doubtful 13:14 Michael Pisaro