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Beast Songs Conrad Cummings Susan Belling, soprano; Members of the Brooklyn Philharmonic; Paul Dunkel, flute; John Moses, clarinet; Kenneth Bowen, piano; Robert Chausow, violin; Jerry Grossman, cello; Conrad Cummings, Conductor play
The Dying Christian To His Soul George K. Jackson Susan Belling, soprano; Debra Vanderlinde, soprano; James Tyeska, baritone; Regis Iandiorio, violin; Harriet Wingreen, fortepiano play
Song: When the Midnight of Absence John Bray Susan Belling, voice; Federal Music Society Opera Company; John Baldon, Conductor; Alan G. Moore, Conductor play
There's Nothing True But Heaven Oliver Shaw Harriet Wingreen, fortepiano; Susan Belling, soprano play
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