Lament for April 15

and Other Modern American Madrigals


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play Lament for April 15 5:59 Avery Claflin    
play The True Beauty 2:29 Charles Mills    
play The Quangle Wangle's Hat 2:38 Avery Claflin    
play Like as the Culver on the Bared Bough 2:56 Halsey Stevens    
play Madrigal :49 Daniel Pinkham    
play How Stands the Glass Around? 3:16 Ulysses Kay    
play Remember 2:13 Kurt List    
play Maurice 5:29 Judith Dvorkin    
play Folk Song: Elegy 1:24 Daniel Pinkham    
play The Interminable Farewell 1:39 Edward Tatnall Canby    
play Design for the Atomic Age 4:08 Avery Claflin    
play What's in a Name? 3:35 Ulysses Kay    
play A Hymn to the Virgin 2:23 Carter Harman