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Virgil Thomson
Heaven is Music

Jack Beeson
In Praise of Singing
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Heaven is Music Choral & Vocal Music of Virgil Thomson Virgil Thomson Gregory Davidson, tenor; Michael Osrowitz, percussion; Susan Jolles, harp; Gregg Smith Singers; Georgette Hutchins, mezzo-soprano; Steven Vosatka, piano; Rosalind Rees, soprano; Thomas Mulvaney, percussion; Katherine Greene, viola; Steven Hartman, clarinet; Pedro d'Aquino, baritone; Gregg Smith, Conductor play
In Praise of Singing Choral Music by Jack Beeson Jack Beeson Ann Westdyke, voice; Kirsten Sollek-Avella, voice; Mary Elizabeth Poore, voice; Gregory Davidson, voice; Frank Haggard, voice; Joel Hume, voice; L. Mark Wagstrom, voice; Katherine McKee, voice; Drew Martin, voice; April Lindevald, voice; Eileen Clark, voice; Martha Sullivan, voice; Walter Richardson, voice; Susan Walters, piano; Gregg Smith, Conductor; Gregg Smith Singers; Linda Eckard, voice play
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