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Barney Childs
Barney Childs

Barney Childs
Barney Childs: Heaven to clear when day did close
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Barney Childs Barney Childs Phillip Rehfeldt, woodwinds; Ron George, percussion; Marco Schindelmann, reader; Marco Schindelmann, voice play
Barney Childs: Heaven to clear when day did close Barney Childs David Ward-Steinman, piano; Phillip Rehfeldt, clarinet; Nancy Turetzky, flute; Scott Vance, clarinet; Bertram Turetzky, bass; Phillip Rehfeldt, 1930s silver clarinet; Ron George, bass drum; Chris Corman, bass drum; Blake Van Vliet, bass drum; Nancy Turetzky, piccolo; Phillip Rehfeldt, bass clarinet; Phillip Rehfeldt, bassoon; Ron George, percussion play
Simons: Music for Young Listeners Netty Simons Larry Livingston, clarinet; Paul Dunkel, flute; Edwin London, Conductor; Netty Simons, piano; Jean-Charles Fran├žois, percussion; Bertram Turetzky, bass; Richard Dufallo, Conductor; James Stark, violin; Melvin Warner, oboe; Albert Gillis, viola; Peter Farrell, cello; Barbara Britton, narrator; Lou Gilbert, narrator; Ron Grun, bassoon; Ron George, percussion; Peter Middleton, flute play
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