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Lou Harrison
Lou Harrison: Scenes from Cavafy

Janice Giteck
Music of Janice Giteck
albums (2) works (4) tracks (22)
title composer artists/ensemble play
Lou Harrison: Scenes from Cavafy Lou Harrison Gamelan Pacifica; John Duykers, voice; Gamelan Pacifica Chorus; Jarrad Powell, Conductor; Adrienne Varner, piano; Jessika Kenney, voice play
Music of Janice Giteck Janice Giteck Matthew Kocmieroski, percussion; Jarrad Powell, percussion; Walter Gray, cello; The New Performance Group; Bruce Grainger, bassoon; William McColl, clarinet; Roger Nelson, piano; Jane Lenoir, flute; Thomasa Eckert, soprano; Jana Hawley; Susan Seneft; James Madara; John Duykers, tenor; Deborah Deloria, bass; Andy Narell, steel drums play
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