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Andrew Imbrie
Music of Andrew Imbrie
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Music of Andrew Imbrie Andrew Imbrie London Symphony Orchestra; Harold Farberman, Conductor; Louise DiTullio, flute; Walter Trampler, viola; Lois Brandwynne, piano; Robert Sayre, cello; Roy Bogas, piano play
Street/Lazarof/Rush Henri Lazarof Jean-Louis LeRoux, Conductor; Concord String Quartet; San Francisco Contemporary Music Players; Robert Sayre, cello; Norman Fischer, cello; John Kochanowski, viola; Nancy Ellis, viola; Robert Galbraith, violin; Roy Malan, violin; Mark Sokol, violin; Andrew Jennings, violin; James Galway, flute; Marcus Thompson, viola; Robert Galbraith, viola play
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