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Jacques Offenbach
Offenbach: The Brigands

Victor Herbert
Victor Herbert: Sweethearts
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Das Dreimäderlhaus Franz Schubert Betha Curtis; Candice Coffee; Ben Smith; Nathan Whitson; Julie Wright; Yvonne Douthat; Ohio Light Opera Orchestra; Suzanne Woods; Lauren Pastorek; Justin Legris; Ted Christopher; Brian Woods; Patrick Howle; Cassidy King; John Pickle; Alice Carnes; Robin Bricker; Steven Byess, Conductor; David Wannen play
Offenbach: The Brigands Jacques Offenbach David Wannen; Betha Curtis; Ben Smith; Jonathan Stinson; Nathan Brian; Jason Bridges; James Stuart; Greg Brookes; Justin Legris; Jami Rhodes; Ohio Light Opera; Patrick Howle; Lauren Beatty; Matthew Pellicia; Nicholas Wuehrmann; Oliver Henderson; J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor; Grant Knox; Arlene Simmonds; Spiro Matsos play
Victor Herbert: Sweethearts Victor Herbert Patrick Howle, voice; Jonathan Stinson, voice; Sandra Ross, voice; Sahara Glasener, voice; Aline Carnes, voice; Candice Coffey, voice; Betha Curtis, voice; Arlene Simmonds, voice; Randall Umstead, voice; Grant Knox, voice; Ben Smith, voice; Derek Parks, voice; John Pickle, voice; Ohio Light Opera; J. Lynn Thompson, Conductor; Suzanne Woods, voice; Alta Boover, voice; Cassidy King, voice; Robin Bricker, voice; Justin Legris, voice play
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