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Gerald Levinson
Music of Gerald Levinson

Robert Hall Lewis
Robert Hall Lewis
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Music of Gerald Levinson Gerald Levinson Benjamin Ramirez, percussion; Paul Hostetter, percussion; Peter Basquin, piano; André Emelianoff, cello; James Freeman, piano; Charles Abramovic, piano; Constance Beavon, mezzo-soprano; Orchestra 2001; Dong Jin Kim, clarinets; Dorothy Freeman, oboe; Allison Herz, clarinet; Pamela Guidetti, flute; Barbara Sonies, violin; Lori Barnet, cello; James Freeman, Conductor play
Robert Hall Lewis Robert Hall Lewis James Winn, piano; Stephen Kates, cello; Ellen Mack, piano; John Beck, Conductor; Eastman Percussion Ensemble; Lori Barnet, cello; Barbara Sonies, violin; Penn Contemporary Players; Lambert Orkis, piano; Marilyn Neeley, piano; Robert Gerle, violin; Jean Kopperud, clarinet; Arne Running, clarinet play
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