Cover for Back In the Saddle Again: American Cowboy Songs
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Back In the Saddle Again: American Cowboy Songs

New World Records

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play Old Chisholm Trail 3:29 Traditional    
play Pot Wrassler 1:44 Traditional    
Harry Jackson, voice

play Gol-Durned Wheel 3:34 Traditional    
Van Holyoak, voice

play When The Work's All Done This Fall 2:55 D.J. O'Malley    
Carl T. Sprague, voice

play Streets of Laredo 1:56 Traditional    
John G. Prude, voice

play Sioux Indians 3:10 Traditional    
Marc Williams, voice

play Dying Cowboy 3:20 Traditional    

play Tying a Knot in The Devil's Tail 3:08 Gail Gardner    
play Strawberry Roan 4:15 Curly Fletcher    
Arizona Wranglers

play Lone Star Trail 3:14 Traditional    
Ken Maynard, voice

play Ridge Runnin' Roan 3:12 Curly Fletcher    
play Whoopee-Ti-Yi-Yo 2:43 Traditional    
John I. White, voice

play Cowhand's Last Ride 3:00 Arza Hitt; Jimmie Rodgers    
Jimmie Rodgers, voice

play Little Old Log Shack I Always Call My Home 3:10 Wilf (Montana Slim) Carter    
play A-Ridin' Old Paint 2:49 Traditional    
Tex Ritter, voice

play I Want To Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart 3:08 Patsy Montana    
Patsy Montana, voice

play Cattle Call 2:59 Tex Owens    
Tex Owens, voice

play One More Ride 2:16 Bob Nolan    
play Dim Narrow Trail 2:30 Traditional    
Texas Ruby, voice

play I Want to Be a Real Cowboy Girl 3:30 C. Prentis Forrester    
play Back In The Saddle Again 2:38 Gene Autry    
Gene Autry, voice

play My Dear Old Arizona Home 1:48 N. Turner; F. Howard    
Rex Allen, voice

play Cowboy Stomp 2:26 Tiny Moore; Bob Wills    
play D-Bar-2 Horse Wrangler 2:13 D.J. O'Malley    
Slim Critchlow, voice

play City Boarders 1:31 Sam Agins    
Sam Agins, voice

play Cowboy 3:42 Allen McCandless    
Glenn Ohrlin, voice

play Rusty Spurs 2:32 Chris Le Doux    
Chris Le Doux, voice

play Cowboy Song 3:03 Woody Paul    
Riders in the Sky