Cover for Roland White: I Wasn't Born To Rock N' Roll
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Roland White: I Wasn't Born To Rock N' Roll

Tompkins Square

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play Kansas City Railroad Blues 1:46 Jim Baxter; Andrew Baxter    
play The Storms Are On The Ocean 3:48 A.P. Carter    
play Head Over Heels In Love With You 2:54 Lester Flatt    
play Doorstep Of Trouble 2:25 John Hadley    
play If I Should Wander Back Tonight 2:57 Lester Flatt; Earl Scruggs    
play Texas Gales 1:35 Molly O'Day    

play I Saw Your Face In The Moon 4:03 Odis Elder    
play The Prisoner's Song 3:52 Guy Massey    
play Marathon 7:50 Leon Jackson; Jimmie Davis; Gene Sullivan; Wiley Walker; Jimmie Skinner; Sam Lewis; Joe Young; Ray Henderson    
Love Please Come Home/Nine Pound Hammer/Shackles And Chains/Live And Let Live/Doin' My Time/Sittin' On Top Of The World

play Same Old Blues Again 2:51 John Hadley    

play Powder Creek 2:38 Clarence White; Roland White    

play Can't You Hear Me Calling 3:03 Bill Monroe    
play She Is Her Own Special Baby 2:21 John Hadley