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Bryce Dessner

John Link
Flexible Music: FM

Charles Griffin
Shifting Cells

Lansing Mcloskey
The Unheard Music
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Filament Bryce Dessner Eighth Blackbird; Tim Munro, flute; Yvonne Lam, violin; Michael J. Maccaferri, clarinet; Nicholas Photinos, cello; Matthew Duvall, percussion; Lisa Kaplan, piano; Bryce Dessner, guitar; Nico Muhly, organ play
Flexible Music: FM John Link Flexible Music; Timothy Ruedeman, saxophone; Daniel Lippel, guitar; Haruka Fujii, percussion; Eric Huebner, piano play
Shifting Cells Charles Griffin Columbus State University Percussion Ensemble; Paul Vaillancourt, director; Christopher Dye, percussion; John Phillips, percussion; Justin Baker, percussion; Jeremy Stuckey, percussion; Steven Smith, percussion; Daniel Bowden, percussion; Amy Griffiths, saxophone; David Owens, percussion; Chris Butler, percussion; Patrick Hardin, percussion; Kelsey Adams, percussion; Stephen Shealy, percussion; Paul Vaillancourt, percussion; Diana Sharpe, percussion; Jonathan Ryan, organ; Robert Rumbelow, Conductor; Ryan Griffis, percussion; Kent Hanie, percussion; Tim Kim, percussion; Mark Outlaw, percussion play
The Unheard Music New American Music for Wind Ensemble Lansing Mcloskey Triton Brass; Shelagh Abate, horn; Stephen Banzaert, trumpet; Wesley Hopper, trombone; Andrew Sorg, trumpet; Jobey Wilson, tuba; The Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble; Eric Hewitt, Conductor play
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