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George F. Root
Six Brown Brothers: Broadway's Favorite Clowns
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Phonographic Yearbook: 1916 "The Country Found Them Ready" Lena Guilbert Ford Frederick Wheeler, baritone; John McCormack, tenor; Henry Burr, tenor; Billy Murray, tenor; Arthur Collins, baritone; Byron G. Harlan, tenor; James Reed [pseudonym of Reed Miller], tenor; James F. Harrison [pseudonym of Frederick Wheeler], baritone; Prince's Band; Orpheus Quartet; Harry MacDonough, tenor; Lambert Murphy, tenor; Reinald Werrenrath, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass; Al Jolson, tenor; Anna Chandler, mezzo-soprano; American Quartet; ____ Redmond, tenor; Steve Porter, baritone; Donald Chalmers, bass; Albert Campbell, tenor; Charles W. Harrison, tenor; Marguerite Farrell, soprano; Joseph Cawthorn; Peerless Quartet; Arthur Collins, baritone; John Meyer, bass; Columbia Mixed Double Quartette play
Six Brown Brothers: Broadway's Favorite Clowns George F. Root Tom Brown, alto saxophone; Five Brown Brothers; The Six Brown Brothers; Fred Allen (Pseudonym of Fred Brown), saxophone; Fred Brown, saxophone play
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