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Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts
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Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts Rare And Unheralded Gramophone Recordings From Around The World: 1916-1964 Traditional Pipe-Major Forsyth and Drums; Kamemaru Sunakawa; Slim Barton, guitar; Slim Barton, voice; James Moore, harmonica; Akumu Odhiambo, nyatiti; Sudanese Wandering Minstrels; Hermanos Huesca; Sandor Nemeth's Gypsy Orchestra; Tommy Dandurand, violin; Ed Goodreau, voice; Ama Ama; Goerit Grisee, voice; Bok Djam, voice; Kakapti; Charlie Bowman, violin; Al Hopkins, voice; Professor Liu Tianhua, nanhu; Gerard Cantournet, cabrette; Madame L. Bernard, voice; Chanter P. Manea with Choir; Rev. Frank Cotton, voice play
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