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Laurie Altman
Laurie Altman: On Course

Paul Chihara
Paul Chihara: Chamber Works
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Laurie Altman: On Course Laurie Altman Zack Brock, violin; Michael Fennely, piano; Helen Richman, flute; Phyllis Lehrer, piano; Ena Barton, piano; Elem Eley, baritone; Laurie Altman, piano; Allistair MacRae, cello; Steven Beck, piano; Alexandra Sopp, flute; Yevgeny Faniuk, flute; Jesse Mills, violin; Jason Treuting, vibraphone; Doug Perkins, maracas; Carl Christian Bettendorf, Conductor; Patrice Michaels, soprano; Flora Newberry, trumpet; Elizabeth Thompson, cello; Vesselin Gellev, violin; Caleb Burhans, viola; Andrew Rathbun, tenor saxophone; Ruth Ochs, Conductor; Randall Bauer, piano; Scott Lee, bass; Kenneth Ellison, clarinet; Tom Buckelew, bass clarinet; James Day, guitar; Tom Buckelew, alto saxophone; Tomasz Rzecycki, cello; Andrew Rathbun, soprano saxophone; Gilad Harel, clarinet play
Paul Chihara: Chamber Works Paul Chihara Robert Geary, Conductor; Geraldine Walther, viola; Neville Marriner, Conductor; London Symphony Orchestra; The Mirecourt Trio; John Jensen, piano; Alexandra Sopp, flute; Ching Chen Juhl, viola; Ling Cao, cello; Terry King, cello; Carol Wincenc, flute; Kenneth Goldsmith, violin; Claire Chan, violin; The Jade String Trio; San Francisco Chamber Singers play
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