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Robert Beaser
Beaser/Schoenfield/Schwantner: Flutes

Joan Tower
Joan Tower: Black Topaz

Lukas Foss
Lukas Foss: Orchestral Works

George Rochberg
Music of George Rochberg, Vol. 2

Paul Chihara
Paul Chihara: Chamber Works

Otto Luening
Tribute to Otto Luening
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Beaser/Schoenfield/Schwantner: Flutes Robert Beaser Alasdair Neale, Conductor; Brian Zeger, piano; Douglas Webster, baritone; Paula Robison, flute; Carol Wincenc, flute; Ransom Wilson, flute; Solisti New York Chamber Orchestra play
Harbison/Rochberg: Chamber Works John Harbison Aulos Wind Quintet; Judith Mendenhall, flute; Rudolph Vrbsky, oboe; David Singer, clarinet; Alexander Heller, bassoon; Robert Routch, horn; Carol Wincenc, flute; Nancy Allen, harp play
Joan Tower: Black Topaz Joan Tower Peter Zazofsky, violin; Joan Tower, piano; Double Edge; Edmund Niemann, piano; Nurit Tilles, piano; Mike Powell, trombone; Stephen Gosling, piano; Jonathan Haas, percussion; Chris Gekker, trumpet; Deborah Moore, percussion; Carol Wincenc, flute; Bayla Keyes, violin; The Muir String Quartet; Michael Reynolds, cello; Steven Ansell, viola; Patricia Spencer, flute; Laura Flax, clarinet; Sharon Isbin, guitar; André Emelianoff, cello play
Lukas Foss: Orchestral Works Lukas Foss Carol Wincenc, flute; Lukas Foss, Conductor; Yehudi Menuhin, violin; Edna Michell, violin; Brooklyn Philharmonic play
Music of George Rochberg, Vol. 2 George Rochberg Nancy Allen, harp; Carol Wincenc, flute; Norman Fischer, cello; Mark Sokol, violin; George Rochberg, piano; Janice Harsanyi, soprano; Philadelphia String Quartet; Irwin Eisenberg, violin; Veda Reynolds, violin; Alan Iglitzin, viola; Charles Brennand, cello play
Paul Chihara: Chamber Works Paul Chihara The Jade String Trio; Claire Chan, violin; Kenneth Goldsmith, violin; Carol Wincenc, flute; Terry King, cello; Ling Cao, cello; Ching Chen Juhl, viola; Alexandra Sopp, flute; John Jensen, piano; The Mirecourt Trio; London Symphony Orchestra; Neville Marriner, Conductor; Geraldine Walther, viola; Robert Geary, Conductor; San Francisco Chamber Singers play
Tribute to Otto Luening Otto Luening Eleanor Lawrence, flute; Eleanor Lawrence, piccolo; Paige Brook, alto flute; Paige Brook, flute; Paige Brook, piccolo; Florence Nelson, flute; Peggy Schecter, flute; John Solum, flute; John Heiss, flute; New York Flute Club; Rachel Rudich, flute; Susan Deaver, alto flute; Peter Ader, piccolo; Polly Meyerding, piccolo; Russell Dedrick, flute; Mary Schmidt, flute; Lisa Johnson, flute; Kathleen Nester, flute; Rheva Kaplan, flute; Peter Bacchus, flute; Wendy Rolfe, alto flute; Rie Schmidt, flute; Harvey Sollberger, Conductor; Sue Ann Kahn, flute; John Wion, flute; Carol Wincenc, flute; Gerardo Levy, flute; Harold Jones, flute; Marcia Butler, oboe play
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