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Larry Polansky: Change

Artifact Recordings

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play Bedhaya Guthrie/Bedhaya Sadra 9:24 Larry Polansky    
1989 — 1990

play Choir/Empi's Solo 12:05 Larry Polansky; Marie Pauline Esguerra    

play The Casten Variation 3:37 Larry Polansky    
Sarah Cahill, piano
1993 — 1994

play Three Anna Studies Larry Polansky    
play Three Anna Studies: Anna, the long and short of it :56 Larry Polansky    
1993 — 1995

play Three Anna Studies: Four Voice Canon #9b ("Anna Canon") 4:07 Larry Polansky    

play Three Anna Studies: baa baa birthday have you any star? 1:46 Larry Polansky    

play 51 Melodies 12:00 Larry Polansky    
play Piano Study #5 (for Just Fender Rhodes) 14:14 Larry Polansky    
Larry Polansky, Fender-Rhodes piano, "(re-tuned)"