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Clarence Williams
"Ain't Gonna Settle Down"

"Blue" Gene Tyranny
"Blue" Gene Tyranny: The Somewhere Songs/The Invention of Memory

Daniel Rosenboom
'Daniel Rosenboom''s Book of Omens'

Sean Sonderegger
'Sean Sonderegger''s Magically Inclined'

Wadada Leo Smith
A Confederacy of Dances Vol. I

Alec Wilder
Alec Wilder: Four Suites
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"...and then we wrote..." American Composers and Lyricists Sing, Play and Cover Their Own Songs Dorothy Fields Beatrice Lillie, voice; The Pied Pipers; Richard Rodgers, piano; Harold Rome, voice; Thomas "Fats" Waller, piano; W.C. Handy's Orchestra; Spike Jones, drums; George Gershwin, piano; Artie Bernstein, bass; Stephen Sondheim, voice; Cy Coleman, voice; Stephen Sondheim, piano; Victor Herbert and His Orchestra; Gene Kardos and His Orchestra; Joe Howard, voice; The Jungle Band; Johnny Mercer, voice; Cole Porter, piano; Cole Porter, voice; Harold Arlen, voice; Paul Weston and His Orchestra; Vincent Youmans, piano; Mary Martin, voice; Hoagy Carmichael, voice; Hoagy Carmichael, whistling; Hoagy Carmichael, piano; Harold Rome, piano play
"Ain't Gonna Settle Down" The Pioneering Blues of Mary Stafford & Edith Wilson Clarence Williams Mary Stafford and Her Jazz Band; Mary Stafford, voice; (not credited), trumpet; Earl Granstaff, trombone; Nelson Kincaid, clarinet; Nelson Kincaid, alto saxophone; Ben Whitted, clarinet; Ben Whitted, alto saxophone; Charlie Johnson, piano; George Breen, violin; (not credited), trombone; (not credited), clarinet; (not credited), alto saxophone; (not credited), tenor saxophone; (not credited), piano; (not credited), tuba; (not credited), cornet; Buster Bailey, clarinet; (not credited), banjo; Edith Wilson, voice; Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds; Johnny Dunn, trumpet; Garvin Bushell, clarinet; (not credited), violin; Herb Flemming, trombone; Ernest Elliott, clarinet; Ernest Elliott, alto saxophone; Herschel Brassfield, clarinet; Herschel Brassfield, alto saxophone; Dan Wilson, piano; John Mitchell, banjo; Harry Hull, tuba; Will Tyler, violin; Edith Wilson's Jazz Hounds; George Rickson, piano; Elmer Chambers, trumpet; Teddy Nixon, trombone; Don Redman, clarinet; Fletcher Henderson, piano; Charlie Dixon, banjo; Roy Smeck, guitar; Doc Straine, voice; Earres Prince, piano; Charlie Gaines, trumpet; Wilbur de Paris, trombone; Emerson Harper, clarinet; Harry Brooks, piano; Sam Speed, banjo; Bubber Miley and His Mileage Makers; Bubber Miley, trumpet; Ward Pinkett, trumpet; Hilton Jefferson, clarinet; Hilton Jefferson, alto saxophone; Happy Caldwell, tenor saxophone; Earl Frazier, piano; Earl Frazier, celeste; Bernard Addison, banjo; Bernard Addison, guitar; Bill Benford, tuba; Tommy Benford, drums; (not credited), guitar; (not credited), bass play
"Blue" Gene Tyranny: The Somewhere Songs/The Invention of Memory "Blue" Gene Tyranny Lloyd Maines, steel guitar; Luke Winslow-King, resonator guitar; Ariane Lallemand, cello; "Blue" Gene Tyranny, piano; Lev Zhurbin, viola; Alan Johnson, Conductor; Pauline Kim, violin; Conrad Harris, violin; Jay Elfinbein, bass; Steve Elson, saxophone; Thomas Buckner, baritone; Ned Sublette, voice; Ned Sublette Band; Lenny Pickett, saxophone; Stan Harrison, saxophone; Tim Schellenbaum, guitar; Tony Bass, bass; Jimmy Daniel, drums; Peter Gordon play
'Daniel Rosenboom''s Book of Omens' Daniel Rosenboom Daniel Rosenboom, trumpet; Daniel Rosenboom, flugelhorn; Vinny Golia, tenor saxophone; Vinny Golia, contralto clarinet; Vinny Golia, alto flute; Jake Vossler, guitar; Tim Lefebvre, electric bass; Matt Mayhall, drums play
'Sean Sonderegger''s Magically Inclined' Sean Sonderegger Gregory Chudzik, bass; Areni Agabian, voice; Sean Sonderegger, tenor saxophone; Sean Sonderegger, bass clarinet; Curtis Fowlkes, trombone; Harvey Valdes, guitar; Joe Hertenstein, drums play
A Confederacy of Dances Vol. I Wadada Leo Smith Ron Kuivila, electronics; David Shea, tapes; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; David Shea, effects; Carol Emanuel, harp; Erik Friedlander, cello; M.E. Miller, drums; Anthony Coleman, keyboard sampler; Luli Shioi, bass guitar; Robert James, tapes; Ursula Oppens, piano; Robin Holcomb, prompter; Arto Lindsay, guitar; Vicki Bodner, English horn; Luli Shioi, voice; Zeena Parkins, electronics; Hahn Rowe, violin; Robert James, sound effects; John Zorn, reeds; Shelley Hirsch, voice; Christian Marclay, turntables; Tohban Djan; Arto Lindsay, voice; Mary Rowell, violin; David Shea, turntables; Jeanne Lee, voice; Billy Bang, violin; Jim Pugliese, drums; Davey Williams, electric guitar; Vicki Bodner, oboe; Ursula Oppens, piano; Bill Frisell, electric guitar; Ikue Mori, drums; Zeena Parkins, electric harp; Chris Cochrane, electric guitar; Wayne Horvitz, electronic keyboard; Jim Staley, trombone; Jim Pugliese, sampler; David Weinstein, keyboard sampler; Don Byron, clarinet; Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet; Ron Kuivila, computer; Ikue Mori, drum machine; Jonathan Storck, double bass play
Alec Wilder: Four Suites Alec Wilder Charles Tibbetts, horn; Michael Forbes, tuba; Vincent Fuh, piano; Maurita Murphy Marx, clarinet; William Hoyt, horn; David Kappy, horn; Ricardo Almeida, horn; Vincent Fuh, harpsichord; Henning Backhaus, guitar; Henning Backhaus, bass; Henning Backhaus, drums play
Alexander Sigman: fcremap Eric Derr, percussion; Laura Faoro, flute; Takao Hyakutome, violin; Decibel New Music Ensemble; Cat Hope, flute; Cat Hope, bass; Lindsay Vickery, reeds; Stuart James, electronics; Stuart James, keyboards; Stuart James, drums; Aaron Wyatt, viola; Tristen Parr, cello; Louise Devenish, percussion; Frederik Croene, piano; Pei-Lun Tsai, clarinet play
Alice Gerrard: Follow The Music Traditional Alice Gerrard, voice; Alice Gerrard, guitar; Alice Gerrard, banjo; Alice Gerrard, fiddle; Bobby Britt, fiddle; Brad Cook, voice; Brad Cook, bass; Phil Cook, voice; Phil Cook, banjo; Phil Cook, electric guitar; Phil Cook, piano; Rayna Gelbert, viola; Gail Gillespie, banjo; Kay Justice, guitar; Terry Lonergan, drums; Clelia Stefanini, fiddle; M.C. Taylor, guitar play
The American Dream Luis Enriquez Bacalov Marco Cappelli's Italian Surf Academy; Marco Cappelli, electric guitar; Luca Lo Bianco, bass; Francesco Cusa, drums; Gaia Mattiuzzi, voice play
Andrew D'Angelo: Skadra Degis Andrew D'Angelo Jim Black, drums; Trevor Dunn, bass; Andrew D'Angelo, alto saxophone; Andrew D'Angelo, bass clarinet play
Andy Laster's Lessness: Window Silver Bright Andy Laster Andy Laster, baritone saxophone; Bryan Carrott, marimba; Bryan Carrott, vibraphone; Erik Friedlander, cello; Michael Sarin, drums; Michael Sarin, temple blocks; Cuong Vu, trumpet play
Anna Webber: Simple Anna Webber Anna Webber, tenor saxophone; Anna Webber, flute; Anna Webber, alto flute; Matt Mitchell, piano; John Hollenbeck, drums play
Anthony Coleman: Lapidation Anthony Coleman Doug Wieselman, E-flat clarinet; Marty Ehrlich, clarinet; Jacob Garchik, trombone; Doug Wieselman, bass clarinet; Marco Cappelli, mandolin; Marco Cappelli, guitar; Marco Cappelli, electric guitar; Ken Filiano, bass; Marty Ehrlich, bass clarinet; Cornelius Dufallo, violin; Joseph Kubera, piano; Marty Ehrlich, tenor saxophone; Sean Conly, bass; Kevin Norton, percussion; Doug Wieselman, clarinet; Jim Pugliese, percussion; Gareth Flowers, trumpet; Cory Pesaturo, accordion; Dan Barrett, violoncello; Stephen Gosling, piano; Anthony Coleman, Conductor; Christopher McIntyre, trombone; Ted Reichman, accordion; Ned Rothenberg, bass clarinet; Chris Veilleux, alto saxophone; Jameson Swanagon, electric guitar; Ned Rothenberg, clarinet; Eli Keszler, drums; Matt Plummer, trombone; Ben Davis, bass; Christopher McDonald, piano; Ashley Paul, alto saxophone; Dana Jessen, bassoon; Anthony Coleman, electric organ play
Arnold Cheatham: Thing Arnold Cheatham David Saltman, electric bass; Arnold Cheatham, soprano saxophone; Arnold Cheatham, alto saxophone; Wil Letman, trumpet; Arnold Cheatham, flute; Vagn Leick, electric piano; Arnold Cheatham, percussion; Kiah Nowlin, drums; Dorian McGee, congas; Bob O'Connell, guitar play
Arnold Hammerschlag: No Face, No Name Arnold Hammerschlag Arnold Hammerschlag, trumpet; Sam Bardfeld, violin; Wil Holshouser, accordion; Brian Glassman, bass; Aaron Alexander, drums play
Augenblick Christopher Stark Cornell University Wind Ensemble; Cynthia Johnston Turner, Conductor; Derek Roddy, drums; Catherine Likhuta, piano play
Barbara Benary: Sun On Snow Barbara Benary Peter Thompson, clarinet; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Peter Zummo, trombone; Chris Nappi, drums; Barbara Benary, vibraphone; Chris Nappi, marimba; Phyllis Clark, soprano; Phyllis Clark, percussion; Jody Kruskal, concertina; Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; Daniel Goode, clarinet; Barbara Benary, violin; Jon Gibson, soprano saxophone; Jody Kruskal, gamelan; Barbara Benary, gamelan; Bill Ruyle, marimba; Patrick Grant, gamelan; Laura Liben, gamelan; Joseph Kubera, piano; Lisa Karrer, gamelan; David Demnitz, gamelan; Daniel Goode, gamelan; David Simons, gamelan; Steven Silverstein, clarinet; Chris Nappi, vibraphone play
Bebop Thelonious Monk Don Lamond, drums; Howard McGhee, trumpet; Duke Jordan, piano; Tadd Dameron Septet; Bud Powell, piano; Red Callender, bass; Woody Herman and His Orchestra; Dodo Marmarosa, piano; Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra; Tommy Potter, bass; Clifford Brown-Max Roach Quintet; Richie Powell, piano; Horace Silver Quintet; Clifford Brown, trumpet; Thelonious Monk, piano; Milt Jackson, vibraphone; Shadow Wilson, drums; George Morrow, bass; John Simmons, bass; Sonny Rollins, tenor saxophone; Flip Phillips, tenor saxophone; Red Norvo and His Selected Sextet; Charlie Parker, alto saxophone; Red Norvo, vibraphone; J.C. Heard, drums; Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet; Teddy Wilson, piano; Tadd Dameron's Orchestra; Sarah Vaughan, voice; Max Roach, drums; Slam Stewart, bass; Sid Catlett, drums; John Lewis, piano; Dizzy Gillespie All Star Quintet; Al Haig, piano; Charlie Parker All Stars; Curly Russell, bass; Dizzy Gillespie, piano; Miles Davis, trumpet; Wardell Gray, tenor saxophone; Barney Kessel, guitar play
Ben Hall! Merle Travis Ben Hall, electric guitar; Ben Hall, voice; Sammy Merendino, drums; Skip Ward, bass play
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