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Thoroughbred Thunder

Albany Records

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play Con Celerita Galop 2:09 Joseph Richards    
play Speedway Galop 1:45 Joseph Richards    
play Home Stretch Galop 1:53 Karl King    
play The Challenge March 3:58 Guy E. Holmes    
play Shoot The Chutes Galop 1:51 Russell Alexander    
play Thunderbolt Galop 2:01 Fred Huffer    
play White Horse March 3:11 Gordon Newham    
play Emporia Galop 1:52 Karl King    
play Steeplechase 1:53 Russell Alexander    
play American Ranger March 2:45 Joseph Richards    
play Excelsior Galop 1:50 Karl King    
play Winter Sports Galop 1:57 Guy E. Holmes    
play Show World March 2:15 Joseph Richards    
play Prestissimo Galop 1:45 Karl King    
play Equestrian (Buffalo Bill) March 2:39 William Paris Chambers    
play They're Off, Galop 1:49 Frederick Jewell    
play Black Horse Troop March 3:13 John Philip Sousa    
play Bastinado Galop 2:31 Russell Alexander    
play Majestic Galop 1:47 Karl King    
play March "To The Frontier" 2:48 Joseph Richards    
play Round-Up 2:10 Russell Alexander    
play Geneva Galop 1:45 Joseph Richards    
play Ozark Trails March 2:33 Joseph Richards    
play Walsenburg Galop 1:55 Karl King    
play Cavalry Soldier March 2:44 James Brockenshire    
play Riders For The Flag March 2:19 John Philip Sousa    
play "In The Lead" March 2:22 Frederick Jewell    
play Contest Winners March 3:57 John Taylor    
play Victory Parade March 3:10 John Taylor