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Leo Smit
Music of Leo Smit
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Music of Leo Smit Leo Smit Gary Hickling, contrabass; Frederick Burgomaster, Conductor; Henrik Svitzer, flute; Nora Post, oboe; Men and Boys Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral; Leo Smit, voice; Martha Herr, soprano; Leo Smit, piano; Laurence Trott, piccolo; Rachel Lewis, soprano; Jan Williams, percussion; Erich Graf, flute; Gary Hickling, bass; Herb Rankin, trombone; Sir Fred Hoyle, narrator; Edward Birdwell, French horn; Allan Dean, trumpet; Peter Simmons, bassoon; Gregg Smith Singers; Leo Smit, Conductor; John Moses, clarinet; Louise Schulman, viola play
Other Voices Olly Wilson Arthur Weisberg, bassoon; Henrik Svitzer, flute; Leo Smit, piano; William Brown, tenor; Frederick Burgomaster, Conductor; Martha Herr, soprano; Leo Smit, speaker; Men and Boys Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral; Jan DeGaetani, soprano; Nora Post, oboe play
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