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Nils Vigeland
"...through which the past shines..."

Mario Davidovsky
Daniel Lippel: Resonance

Charles Ives
Panorama of American Piano Music, 1911 - 1990

Barbara Held
Upper Air Observation
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"...through which the past shines..." Nils Vigeland Daniel Lippel, guitar; John Popham, cello; Nils Vigeland, piano play
Daniel Lippel: Resonance Mario Davidovsky Mario Davidovsky, electronics; Daniel Lippel, guitar; Peter Gilbert, electronics play
Panorama of American Piano Music, 1911 - 1990 From Antheil to Zappa Charles Ives Yvar Mikhashoff, piano play
Perkin' At Merkin Michael Pugliese, arr. Michael Pugliese, percussion; Chris Nappi, percussion; Kory Grossman, percussion; William Trigg, percussion play
Upper Air Observation Barbara Held Barbara Held, flute; Joseph Kubera, piano; Barbara Held, voice; Barbara Held, sampled sounds; Barbara Held, electronics play
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