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Mario Davidovsky
Aequalis: Brody/Davidovsky/Gideon/Steiger/Ung

Mario Davidovsky
Aleck Karis: Secret Geometry

Shulamit Ran
Curtis Macomber, Violin: Songs of Solitude

Judah Adashi
Daniel Lippel: Resonance

Anthony Korf
Davidovsky/Korf/Wright: Orchestral Works

Mario Davidovsky
Davidovsky: Synchronisms/Sollberger: Chamber Variations
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Aequalis: Brody/Davidovsky/Gideon/Steiger/Ung Mario Davidovsky Aequalis; Elizabeth Mohr, cello; Fred Bronstein, piano; Michael Parola, percussion play
Aleck Karis: Secret Geometry Music for Piano and Electronic Tape Mario Davidovsky Aleck Karis, piano play
Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 10th Anniversary Alice Shields Gerard Schwarz, trumpet; George Boberg, percussion; Charles Wuorinen, Conductor; Raymond DesRoches, percussion; Claire Heldrich, percussion; James Biddlecome, trombone; Richard Fitz, percussion; Lawrence Fishkind, tuba; Thomas Lisenbee, trumpet; John Bergamo, percussion; Harvey Sollberger, flute; Howard van Hyning, percussion; Bethany Beardslee, soprano; Frank Donaruma, horn; Donald Butterfield, tuba; Jack Kreiselman, bass clarinet; Barry Benjamin, horn; Group for Contemporary Music; Efrain Guigui, clarinet; Robert Miller, piano; Harvey Sollberger, Conductor; Robert Biddlecome, trombone; Ronald Anderson, trumpet; Thomas Nyfenger, flute; Robert Hauck, trombone; Donald Marcone, percussion play
Curtis Macomber, Violin: Songs of Solitude Shulamit Ran Curtis Macomber, violin play
Daniel Lippel: Resonance Judah Adashi Mario Davidovsky, electronics; Daniel Lippel, guitar; Peter Gilbert, electronics play
Davidovsky/Korf/Wright: Orchestral Works Anthony Korf Riverside Symphony; George Rothman, Conductor; Fred Sherry, cello play
Davidovsky/Street/Trythall Mario Davidovsky Paul Jacobs, piano; Jacob Glick, viola; Raymond DesRoches, percussion; Claire Heldrich, percussion; Joel Krosnick, cello; Howard van Hyning, percussion; Gerardo Levy, flute; John Kochanowski, viola; Gordon Gottlieb, percussion; Karl Kraber, flute; Concord String Quartet; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Richard Trythall, piano; Andrew Jennings, violin; Robert Miller, piano; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Fortunato Arico, cello; Ronald Anderson, trumpet; Mark Sokol, violin; David Gilbert, Conductor; Alvin Brehm, bass; Norman Fischer, cello; Porter Poindexter, trombone play
Davidovsky: Scenes from Shir ha Shirim/Romancero Mario Davidovsky Peter Middleton, flute; Keith Underwood, alto flute; Peter Middleton, alto flute; Maureen Gallagher, viola; Parnassus; Diane Ragains, soprano; Anthony Korf, Conductor; Dennis Smylie, bass clarinet; Syzygy New Music Ensemble; Sergiu Luca, violin; James Primosch, piano; Melvin Warner, bass clarinet; Dennis Smylie, clarinet; Edmund Neimann, piano; John Burton, cello; Keith Underwood, flute; Cyrus Stevens, violin; Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano; Gerald Reuter, oboe d'amore; Peter Middleton, piccolo; Donald Palma, bass; Gerald Reuter, oboe; Charles Walker, tenor; Frank Hoffmeister, tenor; James Preiss, percussion; Christopher Finckel, cello; Melvin Warner, clarinet; Larry Livingston, Conductor play
Davidovsky: Synchronisms/Sollberger: Chamber Variations Mario Davidovsky Charles Wuorinen, piano; Donald MacCourt, bassoon; Scott Nickrenz, viola; Kenneth Fricker, contrabass; Sophie Sollberger, alto flute; Efrain Guigui, bass clarinet; Richard Fitz, percussion; Sophie Sollberger, piccolo; Gerardo Levy, flute; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Jeanne Benjamin, violin; Harvey Sollberger, flute; Sophie Sollberger, flute; Paul Zukofsky, violin; Efrain Guigui, Conductor; Robert L. Martin, cello; Stanley Drucker, clarinet; Peter Rosenfeld, cello; Group for Contemporary Music; Efrain Guigui, clarinet; Josef Marx, oboe; Gunther Schuller, Conductor play
Electricity Works for Cello and Electronics Karen Tanaka Madeleine Shapiro, cello play
Electronic Pioneers Mario Davidovsky play
International Contemporary Ensemble with Daniel Lippel: Abandoned Time Magnus Lindberg Claire Chase, musical director; Kivie Cahn-Lipman, cello; Katinka Kleijn, cello; Claire Chase, flute; International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE); Matthew Ward, Conductor; Cory Smythe, piano; David Bowlin, violin; Daniel Lippel, guitar; Randall Zigler, bass; David Schotzko, percussion; Maiya Papach, viola; Tony Arnold, soprano; David Reminick, saxophone; Joshua Rubin, clarinet play
Panorama of American Piano Music, 1911 - 1990 From Antheil to Zappa Charles Ives Yvar Mikhashoff, piano play
Pioneers Of Electronic Music Vladimir Ussachevsky Vladimir Ussachevsky, tape; Donald Marcone, percussion; Bülent Arel, tape; Harvey Sollberger, Conductor; Pril Smiley, tape; Vladimir Ussachevsky, computer; Richard Fitz, percussion; Mario Davidovsky, tape; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Alice Shields, tape; Claire Heldrich, percussion; Otto Luening, tape; Howard van Hyning, percussion play
Tribute to Andrew Imbrie In Celebration of His Eightieth Birthday Andrew Imbrie Melanie Schattschneider, flute; Nicky Spence, flute; Mack McCray, piano; Dana Putnam, cello; Leesa Dahl, piano; Stan Popplin, bass; Stephanie Summers, clarinet; Emanuela Nikiforova, violin; Russell Kotcher, violin; Erika Johnson, percussion; Nicole Paiment, Conductor; Don Baker, percussion; Anne-Francis Dillon, piano; John Sackett, bass clarinet; Robert Howard, cello; New Music Ensemble of the San Francisco Conservatory; Rebecca Van de Ven, oboe; Mark Teicholz, guitar; Bonnie Hampton, cello; Jean-Michel Fonteneau, cello; John Sackett, clarinet; Matthew Cannon, percussion; Stephanie Fong, viola; Roman Fukshansky, clarinet; David Carlisle, percussion play
Voices of Change: Voces Americanas Three Songs on Poems by Nicolas Guillen Robert Xavier Rodríguez Dwight Shambley, bass; Christopher Adkins, cello; Emanuel Borok, violin; Voices of Change; Jo Boatright, piano; Ross Powell, clarinet; James Rives-Jones, Conductor; Maria Schleuning, violin; Harvey Boatright, flute; Christine Schadeberg, soprano; Dwight Shambley, bass; Enric Madriguera, guitar; Howard Rogene, oboe; Virginia DuPuy, soprano; Deborah Mashburn, percussion play
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