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Gertrude Stein, Librettist
The Mother of Us All
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The Mother of Us All Gertrude Stein, Librettist Linn Maxwell, voice, "Indiana Elliot"; Gene Ives, voice, "Virgil T."; Ronald Raines, voice, "Henry B./Herman Atlan"; David F. Fuller, voice, "Anthony Comstock"; Sondra Stowe, voice, "Anna Hope"; Jimmie Lu Null, voice, "Jenny Reefer"; Billie Nash, voice, "Henrietta M.Isabel Wentworth"; Karen Beck, voice, "Lillian Russell"; James McKeel, voice, "Gloster Heming"; Thomas Parker, voice, "Andrew Johnson"; Paul Mabrey, voice, "Donald Gallup"; Helen Vanni, voice, "Constance Fletcher"; William Lewis, voice, "John Adams"; Raymond Leppard, Conductor; Mignon Dunn, voice, "Susan B. Anthony"; James Atherton, voice, "Jo the Loiterer"; Philip Booth, voice, "Daniel Webster"; Santa Fe Opera; Batyah Godfrey, voice, "Anne"; Aviva Orvath, voice, "Gertrude S."; Joseph McKee, voice, "Chris the Citizen"; Douglas Perry, voice, "Thaddeus Stevens"; Ashley Putnam, voice, "Angel More"; Steven Loewengart, voice, "Ulysses S. Grant" play
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