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Barton McLean
Barton McLean: Forgotten Shadows

Bülent Arel
Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 1961-1973
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Barton McLean: Forgotten Shadows Barton McLean Elisha Pantileo, recorded voice; E. Michael Richards, clarinet; Keith Notrab, percussion; NY Cincinnatus; Daniel Pantileo, recorded voice; Linda Greene, flute; Priscilla McLean, percussion; Barton McLean, percussion; Barton McLean, keyboards; Barbara Dechario, harp; Keith Notrab, percussion; Linda Greene, flute; E. Michael Richards, clarinet; Barton McLean, piano; Barbara Dechario, harp; Hilda Allen, narrator; Victoria Green, narrator; Charles Bently, narrator; Priscilla McLean, soprano; Elisha Pantileo, voice; Daniel Pantileo, voice; Children of Petersburgh Cincinnatus recorded in play; Thomas Elkin, piano; Marjorie Wilbur, Conductor; "Big Mike" Eaton, fiddle; Richard Blair, music box; Earl Hewitt, musical saw; McLean Mix; Priscilla McLean, music box; Barton McLean, keyboards play
Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 1961-1973 Bülent Arel Snee McCaig, recorded voice play
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