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Harry Partch
The Harry Partch Collection, Volume 1
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The Harry Partch Collection, Volume 1 Harry Partch Vincent Delgado, instruments; Donald Pippin, instruments; Harry Partch; Bill Snead, instruments; Betty Johnston, instruments; Lynn Ludlow; Dick Schleppe, alto saxophone; Danlee Mitchell, bamboo marimba; Danlee Mitchell, cloud chamber bowls; Harry Partch, cloud chamber bowls; David Reid, baritone saxophone; David Reid; Harry Partch, instruments; Ben Johnston, instruments; Henry Jaramillo, instruments; Marc Smith, instruments; Lynn Ludlow, instruments; Robert Garfias, instruments; Gate 5 Ensemble; Jerry Schimmel, instruments; Horace Schwartz, Conductor; Meyer Slivka, instruments; Richard Barnett, instruments; Allen Smith, instruments; Ruita Churchill, instruments; Allan Louw; Harry Partch, diamond marimba play
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