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Wadada Leo Smith
What We Live: Quintet For A Day
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Lisle Ellis: Sucker Punch Requiem An Homgage to Jean-Michel Basquiat Lisle Ellis Pamela Z, voice; Pamela Z, electronics; Holly Hofmann, flute; Oliver Lake, saxophones; George Lewis, trombone; Mike Wofford, piano; Lisle Ellis, bass; Lisle Ellis, electronics; Susie Ibarra, drums; Susie Ibarra, percussion play
Matthew Goodheart: Sonoluminescence Lisle Ellis Donald Robinson, drums; Matthew Goodheart, piano; Glenn Spearman, tenor saxophone; Lisle Ellis, bass play
Sound on Survival: Live Lisle Ellis Lisle Ellis, bass; Marco Eneidi, saxophone; Peter Valsamis, drums play
The Paul Plimley/Lisle Ellis Duo: Both Sides of the Same Mirror Paul Plimley Paul Plimley, piano; Paul Plimley, marimba; Lisle Ellis, bass play
What We Live: Quintet For A Day Wadada Leo Smith Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet; Dave Douglas, trumpet; Lisle Ellis, bass; Lawrence Ochs, tenor saxophone; Lawrence Ochs, sopranino saxophone; Donald Robinson, drums play
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