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Alan Seidel
Alan Seidler: Vocal and Choral Works (1990-2008)
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Alan Seidler: Vocal and Choral Works (1990-2008) Alan Seidel William Trigg, timpani; The Collegiate Chorale; Martha Mooke, viola; Jeffrey Kraus, percussion; Susan Jolles, harp; William Trigg, percussion; Frank Cassara, percussion; Joel Thome, Conductor; Graham Ashton, trumpet; Steven Goldstein, tenor; Frank Nemhauser, Conductor; Michael Finckel, cello; Ayako Oshima Neidich, clarinet; Chris Nappi, percussion; Gregor Kitzis, violin; Laura Last, soprano; Daniel Spiegel, piano; Linda Wetherill, flute; Anthony Cecere, horn; Kory Grossman, percussion; The Orchestra of Our Time play
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