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Atlas Eclipticalis with Winter Music, Electronic Version John Cage Michael Callahan, electronics; John Chowning, percussion; Stuart Dempster, trombone; Warner Jepson, piano; Douglas Leedy, horn; Robert Mackler, viola; Robert Mackler, viola d'amore; Pauline Oliveros, horn; Pauline Oliveros, tuba; Dwight Peltzer, piano; Ann Riley, piano; Loren Rush, bass; Stanley Shaff, trumpet; Linn Subotnick, viola; Morton Subotnick, clarinet; David Tudor, piano; Ian Underwood, flute; Ian Underwood, piccolo; Jan van der Wyck, tympani; Ramon Sender, Conductor play
Music Walk (for 1 or more pianists who also play radios and produce auxiliary sounds by singing or any other means) John Cage Michael Callahan; John Chowning; Stuart Dempster; Warner Jepson; Douglas Leedy; Robert Mackler; Pauline Oliveros; Dwight Peltzer; Ann Riley; Loren Rush; Ramon Sender; Stanley Shaff; Linn Subotnick; Morton Subotnick; David Tudor; Ian Underwood; Jan van der Wyck play
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