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John Cage
9 Evenings Plus 50: Night Six

Milton Babbitt
American Masterpieces for Solo Percussion

John Cage

John Harbison
Cage/Harbison/Hartke/Wyner: Violin Works

John Cage
Cage/Harrison/Rouse/Kurtz/Bazelon/Verplanck: Percussion Works

Michael Pisaro
Cage/Pisaro/Frey/Beuger: Accordion Music
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title composer artists/ensemble play
9 Evenings Plus 50: Night Six John Cage Iliya Fridman, voice; Daniel Neumann, electronics; Roberto Carlos Lange, electronics; Gordon Mumma, voice; Roberto Carlos Lange, voice; Daniel Neumann, voice play
American Masterpieces for Solo Percussion Milton Babbitt Tom Kolor, percussion; Tom Kolor, snare drum play
Beuger.Cage John Cage Kathryn Gleasman Pisaro, oboe play
Beuger/Cage Antoine Beuger Jürg Frey, clarinet play
cage.frey.vriezen.feldman.ayres.johnson.manion John Cage Dante Boon, piano play
Cage/Harbison/Hartke/Wyner: Violin Works John Harbison Ronald Copes, violin; Brent McMunn, piano; Michelle Makarski, violin play
Cage/Harrison/Rouse/Kurtz/Bazelon/Verplanck: Percussion Works John Cage Richard Nunemaker, clarinet; Janna Lower, violin; Richard Skains, percussion; Christopher Rose, percussion; Gabriel Dionne, percussion; J. Riely Francis, percussion; David Colson, percussion; David Nale, piano; Richard Brown, Conductor; Percussion Quartet play
Cage/Pisaro/Frey/Beuger: Accordion Music Michael Pisaro Edwin Alexander Buchholz, accordion; Normisa Pereira da Silva, flute play
Cage/Schlothauer: For Seven Players John Cage Marcus Kaiser, violoncello; Burkhard Schlothauer, violin; Ulrich Krieger, clarinet; Guy Vandromme, piano; Tobias Liebezeit, percussion; Normisa Pereira da Silva, alto flute; Julia Eckhardt, viola play
Cage/Wuorinen John Cage American Composers Orchestra; Dennis Russell Davies, Conductor play
Cage: The Piano Concertos The Complete John Cage Edition, Volume 16 John Cage Stephen Drury, piano; Ingo Metzmacher, Conductor; Callithumpian Consort; David Tudor, piano; Ensemble Modern play
David Tudor/John Cage: Rainforest II/Mureau David Tudor David Tudor, electronics; John Cage, pre-recorded sound; John Cage, voice play
Dorothy Stone: None But the Lonely Flute The Music of Babbitt, Feldman, Mosko, Alexander & Cage John Cage Dorothy Stone, flute; Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, violoncello; Arthur Jarvinen, percussion; Gaylord Mowrey, piano play
Gay American Composers, Vol. 2 Henry Cowell Jeffrey Krieger, electronic cello; David Reid, voice; Henry Cowell, piano; Gate Five Ensemble of the University of Illinois; Danlee Mitchell, cloud chamber bowls; Danlee Mitchell, boo; Dick Schleppe, alto saxophone; David Reid, baritone saxophone; Harry Partch, diamond marimba; Zola Shaulis, piano; Brooklyn Philharmonic; Michael Barrett, piano; Lukas Foss, Conductor; Carroll Glenn, violin; Hilde Somer, piano; New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra; James Bolle, Conductor; New Music Quartet; Broadus Earle, violin; Matthew Raimondi, violin; Walter Trampler, viola; Claus Adam, cello; Jeffrey Krieger, electric cello; Alwin Nikolais, electronics; Maro Ajemian, prepared piano play
Hildegard Von Bingen: John Cage Hildegard von Bingen Irene Kurka, soprano play
John Cage Edition - Vol. 23: The Works For Violin 4 John Cage Stephen Drury, keyboard; Irvine Arditti, violin; Stephen Drury, piano play
John Cage Edition - Vol. 24: Works for Saxophone Volume 1 John Cage Raymond Kaczynski, percussion; Reimar Volker, alto saxophone; Ulrich Krieger, alto saxophone; Reimar Volker, baritone saxophone; Kathrin Wagner, alto saxophone; Tobias Rüger, tenor saxophone; Friedemann Werzlau, percussion; Ulrich Krieger, sopranino saxophone; Kathrin Wagner, tenor saxophone; Reinhold Friedl, piano; Ulrich Krieger, soprano saxophone; Gerhard Scherer, accordion; Mario Bertoncini, piano; Andreas Peters, percussion play
John Cage Edition - Vol. 25: The Works For Piano 16 John Cage Margaret Leng Tan, prepared piano; Margaret Leng Tan, piano; Burgess Meredith, narrator; John Cage, percussion; John Cage, tape play
John Cage Edition - Vol. 27: The Works for Violin 5 John Cage Irvine Arditti, violin play
John Cage Edition - Vol. 28: The Works for Piano 5 John Cage Haydée Schvartz, piano; Jack Bruce, voice play
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