Cover for Angels' Visits and Other Vocal Gems of Victorian America
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Angels' Visits and Other Vocal Gems of Victorian America

New World Records

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play Sweet By And By 3:39 Joseph Philbrick Webster; Sanford Fillmore Bennett, Lyricist    

play Willie's Grave 4:41 Joseph Philbrick Webster; Henry DeLafayette Webster, Lyricist    

play We Are Happy Now, Dear Mother 2:31 Isaac Baker Woodbury    

play Flee As A Bird 3:13 Mary Stanley Bruce Dana, Lyricist    
Circa 1842

play Shall We Know Each Other There? 4:15 Rev. Robert Lowry    
play Trusting 4:10 Charles Albert White    
Circa 1873

play Rock Of Ages 3:56 Dudley Buck; Augustus Montague Toplady, Poet    

play Angels' Visits 4:21 Claude Melnotte; Charles Spooner, Lyricist    

play Oh, You Must Be A Lover Of The Lord 3:12 Isaac Watts, Poet    
play Put My Little Shoes Away 5:19 Charles E Pratt; Samuel N Mitchell, Lyricist    

play I Love To Tell The Story 3:24 William G. Fischer; Kate Hankey, Poet    
play The Last Hymn 8:00 J. W. Hicks; Marianne Farningham, Poet    
play The Babe of Bethlehem 3:08 J. W. Dadmun