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Echoes from Asbury Park

Archeophone Records
Dec 1903 — Jun 1913

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play Felsenmühle Overture 3:36 Karl Gottlieb Reissiger    
May 1908

play The Bohemian Girl Selection 2:36 Michael William Balfe    
Dec 1903

play Dixie 2:17 Daniel Decatur Emmett    
Oct 1904

play After Sunset 3:40 Arthur Pryor    
May 1907

play The Victor March 2:48 Arthur Pryor    
Dec 1904

play Sweetmeats 2:23 Percy Wenrich    
May 1909

play Home Sweet Home the World Over 4:18 Henry Rowley Bishop; J. Bodewalt Lampe, arr.    
Sep 1912

play Aida, Act IV: The Fatal Stone 3:37 Giuseppi Verdi    
Sep 1909

play Rakoczy March 2:34 Hector Berlioz    
from The Damnation of Faust
May 1906

play Louisa 2:24 Arthur Pryor    
Jan 1906

play Auld Lang Syne with variations 3:04 Simone Mantia, arr.    
Circa 1905

play Ye Boston Tea Party March 2:34 Arthur Pryor    
Apr 1904

play La Forza del Destino: Overture 3:28 Giuseppi Verdi    
Apr 1907

play The Falcon March 2:13 W. Paris Chambers    
Jun 1910

play The Glow Worm 3:44 Paul Lincke    
Apr 1904

play Hawaii Ponoi and Aloha Oe 2:31 Liliʻuokalani; David Kalakaua; Henri Berger    
(Hawaiian Hymn and"Farewell" Song)
Jun 1913

play Razazza Mazzazza 2:30 Arthur Pryor    
Oct 1905

play Teddy after Africa 2:54 Arthur Pryor    
Mar 1909

play Quartet from Rigoletto 3:51 Giuseppi Verdi    
Sep 1907

play In Lover’s Lane 2:58 Arthur Pryor    
May 1908

play Dance of the Weasels 2:40 Arthur Pryor    
Dec 1903

play Yankee Shuffle March 2:31 Fred L. Moreland    
Sep 1908

play Polka Fantastic 2:35 Arthur Pryor    
Mar 1911

play O Dry Those Tears 3:16 Teresa del Riego    
Circa Aug 1907

play National Emblem March 2:40 E. E. Bagley    
May 1908