Steppin' on the Gas: Rags to Jazz (1913-1927)

New World Records

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play Castle House Rag 3:39 James Reese Europe    
play Castle Walk 3:21 James Reese Europe; Ford T. Dabney    
play Memphis Blues 3:00 W. George Norton; W.C. Handy    
play Clarinet Marmalade 2:57 H. Ragas; Larry Shields    
play Down Home Rag 2:48 Wilbur Sweatman; Lew Brown; Roger Lewis    
play Stock Yard Strut 2:33 Unknown    
play Ory's Creole Trombone 3:36 Edward “Kid” Ory    
play Society Blues 3:06 Unknown    
play Bogalousa Strut 3:07 Sam Morgan    
play Steppin' on the Gas 2:52 Sam Morgan    
play West Indies Blues 3:38 Edgar Dowell; Spencer Williams; Clarence Williams    
play She's Cryin' for Me 2:51 Santo Pecora    
play Bugle Blues 2:56 Robert Kelly    
play Dunn's Cornet Blues 3:14 Johnny Dunn    
play Old Fashion Love 3:08 James P. Johnson    
play I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle 2:37 Perry Bradford