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Clarence Williams
"Ain't Gonna Settle Down"

Ted Koehler
Art Hickman's Orchestra - The San Francisco Sound

Charles Luckeyth (Luckey) Roberts
Black Manhattan, Vol. 3

Cliff Hess
Jazzin' Straight Thru' Paradise

Irving Mills
The Jimmy Rushing All Stars: Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You

Roger Graham
Marion Harris - The Complete Victor Releases
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"Ain't Gonna Settle Down" The Pioneering Blues of Mary Stafford & Edith Wilson Clarence Williams Mary Stafford and Her Jazz Band; Mary Stafford, voice; (not credited), trumpet; Earl Granstaff, trombone; Nelson Kincaid, clarinet; Nelson Kincaid, alto saxophone; Ben Whitted, clarinet; Ben Whitted, alto saxophone; Charlie Johnson, piano; George Breen, violin; (not credited), trombone; (not credited), clarinet; (not credited), alto saxophone; (not credited), tenor saxophone; (not credited), piano; (not credited), tuba; (not credited), cornet; Buster Bailey, clarinet; (not credited), banjo; Edith Wilson, voice; Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds; Johnny Dunn, trumpet; Garvin Bushell, clarinet; (not credited), violin; Herb Flemming, trombone; Ernest Elliott, clarinet; Ernest Elliott, alto saxophone; Herschel Brassfield, clarinet; Herschel Brassfield, alto saxophone; Dan Wilson, piano; John Mitchell, banjo; Harry Hull, tuba; Will Tyler, violin; Edith Wilson's Jazz Hounds; George Rickson, piano; Elmer Chambers, trumpet; Teddy Nixon, trombone; Don Redman, clarinet; Fletcher Henderson, piano; Charlie Dixon, banjo; Roy Smeck, guitar; Doc Straine, voice; Earres Prince, piano; Charlie Gaines, trumpet; Wilbur de Paris, trombone; Emerson Harper, clarinet; Harry Brooks, piano; Sam Speed, banjo; Bubber Miley and His Mileage Makers; Bubber Miley, trumpet; Ward Pinkett, trumpet; Hilton Jefferson, clarinet; Hilton Jefferson, alto saxophone; Happy Caldwell, tenor saxophone; Earl Frazier, piano; Earl Frazier, celeste; Bernard Addison, banjo; Bernard Addison, guitar; Bill Benford, tuba; Tommy Benford, drums; (not credited), guitar; (not credited), bass play
Art Hickman's Orchestra - The San Francisco Sound Ted Koehler Art Hickman's Orchestra; Steve Douglas, violin; Walter Roesner, trumpet; Fred Kaufman, trombone; Clyde Doerr, alto saxophone; Clyde Doerr, baritone saxophone; Bert Ralton, soprano saxophone; Bert Ralton, tenor saxophone; Frank Ellis, piano; Vic King, tenor banjo; Ben Black, banjo; Bela Spiller, bass; Art Hickman, percussion; Art Hickman, slide whistle; Clyde Doerr, saxophone; Bert Ralton, saxophone; Bert Ralton, oboe; Art Hickman, piano; Hickman Trio play
Black Manhattan, Vol. 3 Charles Luckeyth (Luckey) Roberts Paragon Ragtime Orchestra; Rick Benjamin, Conductor; Keiko Tokunaga, violin; Melissa Tong, violin; Colin Brooks, viola; Lisa Caravan, cello; Max Jacob, bass; Leslie Cullen, flute; Leslie Cullen, piccolo; Vasko Dukovski, clarinet; Paul Murphy, cornet; Michael Blutman, cornet; Michael Boschen, trombone; Mike Dobson, percussion; Diane Scott, piano; Janai Brugger, soprano; Rick Benjamin, piano; Edward Pleasant, baritone; Paragon Minstrel Band; Paul Draper, banjo; Chauncey Packer, tenor; Andrea Jones, soprano play
Jazzin' Straight Thru' Paradise Cliff Hess Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band; Wilbur Sweatman, clarinet; Russell Smith, trumpet; Arthur Reeves, trombone; Dan Parish, piano; Romy Jones, tuba; William Hicks, trumpet; Major Jackson, trombone; Henry Bowser, drums; (not credited), violin; (not credited), saxophone; Walter Gray, banjo; Arnold Ford, banjolin; Arthur Shaw, banjolin; Arthur Gray, banjolin play
The Jimmy Rushing All Stars: Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You Irving Mills Sir Charles Thompson, piano; Jo Jones, drums; Dickie Wells, trombone; Buck Clayton, trumpet; Eugene Ramey, bass; Julian Dash, tenor saxophone; Jimmy Rushing, voice; Jimmy Rushing, piano play
Marion Harris - The Complete Victor Releases Roger Graham Marion Harris; Billy Murray play
The Phonographic Yearbook: 1917 "Yankees to the Ranks" L. Wolfe Gilbert Rene Dietrich, soprano; Rene Dietrich, ukulele; Horace Wright, tenor; Horace Wright, ukulele; Helen Louise, guitar; Frank Ferera, guitar; Joe Schenck, tenor; Gus Van, baritone; American Quartet; Billy Murray, tenor; Albert Campbell, tenor; John Meyer, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass; James F. Harrison [pseudonym of Frederick Wheeler], baritone; Knickerbocker Male Quartette; George Eldred, tenor; Robert Lewis [pseudonym of Lewis James], tenor; William Morgan, baritone; Glenn Howard, bass; Edna Brown [pseudonym of Elsie Baker], contralto; Henry Burr, tenor; Arthur Collins, baritone; Byron G. Harlan, tenor; Ada Jones, soprano; Emerson Symphony Orchestra; Victor Military Band; Marion Harris; Anna Wheaton, soprano; James Harrod, tenor; Peerless Quartet; Arthur Collins, baritone; John Meyer, bass; John McCormack, tenor; Harry MacDonough, tenor; Lambert Murphy, tenor; Reinald Werrenrath, baritone; Shannon Four; Charles Hart, tenor; Harvey Hindermyer, tenor; Elliott Shaw, baritone; Wilfred Glenn, bass; Sterling Trio; Francis J. Lapitino, harp; Original Dixieland Jazz Band; Nick LaRocca, cornet; Eddie Edwards, trombone; Larry Shields, clarinet; Henry Ragas, piano; Tony Sbarbaro, drums; Arthur Fields, baritone; Nora Bayes, soprano play
Steppin' on the Gas: Rags to Jazz (1913-1927) Edgar Dowell Piron's New Orleans Orchestra; Ory's Sunshine Orchestra; Johnny Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds; Johnny Dunn and His Jazz Band; Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools; Clarence Williams' Blue Five; Europe's Society Orchestra; Sam Morgan's Jazz Band; New Orleans Rhythm Kings; The Six Brown Brothers; Lieutenant Jim Europe's 369th Infantry "Hell Fighters" Band; Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals play
Sweet and Low Blues: Big Bands and Territory Bands of the 20s Jack Palmer Walter Page's Blue Devils; Leo Reisman and his Orchestra; Alphonso Trent and His Orchestra; George E. Lee and His Kansas Orchestra; Louisiana Sugar Babes; Jesse Stone's Blues Serenaders; Troy Floyd and His Plaza Hotel Orchestra; Chocolate Dandies; Jabbo Smith and His Rhythm Aces; Charlie Johnson and His Paradise Orchestra; Erskine Tate's Vendome Orchestra; Carroll Dickerson and His Orchestra play
When Lights are Low Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington Lisa Kirchner, voice; Matt Dennis; Marcus McLaurine, bass; Ron Jackson, guitar; Xavier Davis, piano; Dwayne "Cook" Broadnax, drums play
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