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But Would She Remember You? Michael Lowenstern Ed Lowenstern, vocal samples; Matt Lambiase, vocal samples; Jerome Kitzke, vocal samples; Mark Edward Gibbons, vocal samples; Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet; Michael Lowenstern, vocal samples play
Dish Anne LeBaron Dora Ohrenstein, soprano; John Thompson, electric bass guitar; Bill Ruyle, glockenspiel; Bill Ruyle, Indian bells; Bill Ruyle, tabla; Mary Rowell, violin; Jason Cirker, drums; Phillip Bush, synthesizer; Phillip Bush, piano; Jessica Hagedorn, vocal samples; Anne LeBaron, vocal samples; James Pelletier, vocal samples; Ramon Hodel, vocal samples play
Hoodlum Priest Noah Creshevsky Marco Oppedisano, electric guitar; Thomas Buckner, vocal samples play
Jubilate dedicated to Thomas Buckner Noah Creshevsky Thomas Buckner, vocal samples; Thomas Buckner, voice play
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