Collection Development at DRAM

DRAM's current focus is building and maintaining a core collection of recordings from a distinctive set of small independent labels and archives. Among the many factors that go into the selection process, DRAM gives priority to originality, artistic merit, historical interest, relevance to the existing collection and the opportunity to preserve, restore and disseminate music that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain from any other source.


DRAM Content Summary*

Label/Archive Number of Albums
8bells 15
Albany Records 1,592
Archeophone Records 79
Artifact Recordings 25
b-boim 31
Ben Hall Gospel Archive 46 recorded hours
BMOP/sound 56
Cedille Records 183
Cold Blue Music 54
Composers Recordings, Inc. (CRI) 704
Dartmouth Archive 12 recorded hours
Deep Listening 35
Edition Wandelweiser 99
Einstein Records 20
Experimental Intermedia Archive 37 recorded hours
ESS/Option Archive 10 recorded hours
Firehouse 12 28
Friedman Gallery/9 Evenings Archive 9 recorded hours
Frog Peak Music 11
Henceforth Records 10
League of Automatic Composers 8 recorded hours
Lovely Music 79
Mode Records 276
Mutable Music 53
New Focus Recordings 103
New World Records 581
Nine Winds Records 136
Open Space 65
Peacock Recordings 12
Philadelphia Music Archive 19 recorded hours
Pogus Productions 95
Porter Records 78
Relative Pitch Records 11
Shinkoyo Records 25
Skirl 30
Tompkins Square 99
Tricentric Foundation Archive 63 recorded hours
XI 53
Total 4,844/59,096 tracks

*As of July 17, 2018