Accessing DRAM Usage Statics

In the Fall of 2015 DRAM switched over to third-party COUNTER-compliant reporting platform, hosted by ScholarlyiQ. Institions may access their monthly reports (covering March 2015 forward) in the new system directly as follows:


If you formerly had access to DRAM reports, you may log in to the portal above with your existing User Name, minus the "stats" prefix. For example, User Name statsnwr would now simply be nwr.

Passwords were not changed from the old to the new system(s), but as they are only visible to us in encrypted format will need to be re-set, if forgotten, by contacting You may also contact us at this address to request access to your statistics if you do not already have an account, or if you need institutional usage data prior to March 2015.

Though we do plan to reconstruct historical statistics from DRAM's raw log files, the fee for ingestion & storage of this data on the new platform was prohibitive. We are therefore looking into tools that will allow us to manage them offline, while continuing to generate reports for earlier date periods from our retired system.