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Brian Hulse
Brian Hulse: Pseudosynthesis

Tim Hodgkinson
Tim Hodgkinson: Sketch Of Now
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Brian Hulse: Pseudosynthesis Brian Hulse Nathanael May, piano; Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould, violin; Matt Gould, guitar; Duo 46; Thomas Rosenkranz, piano; Lisa Cella, flute play
Tim Hodgkinson: Sketch Of Now Tim Hodgkinson Gustavo Aguilar, percussion; Hyperion Ensemble; Iancu Dumitrescu, Conductor; Tim Hodgkinson, clarinet; Vinny Golia, bass clarinet; Tim Hodgkinson, Conductor; Robert Reigle, tenor saxophone; Lisa Cella, flute; Tim Hodgkinson, bass clarinet; Tim Hodgkinson, computer; Denis Simandy, horn; Isabelle Duthoit, clarinet; Berten d'Hollander, flute; Jacques Di Donato, bass clarinet; Jacques Di Donato, clarinet play
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