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Chris Brown
The Hub: Wreckin' Ball

Jim Horton
Neoapplictana: Ben Azarm

Melody Sumner Carnahan
Ultrasounds: The Time is Now
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The Hub: Wreckin' Ball Chris Brown Kenneth Atchley, voice; Alvin Curran, piano; The Rova Saxophone Quartet; The Well (online community); Barbara Golden, voice; Ramon Sender Barayon, voice; The Hub; Chris Brown, computer; John Bischoff, computer; Tim Perkis, computer; Mark Trayle, computer play
Neoapplictana: Ben Azarm Jim Horton Ben Azarm; Sam Ashley; Brian Reinbolt; Cactus Needle Project; Bob Gonsalves; Jim Horton; K. Atchley, electronics; Barbara Golden, voice; John Bischoff play
Ultrasounds: The Time is Now Melody Sumner Carnahan Mary Oliver, violin; Melody Sumner Carnahan, Words; Nessie Lessons, electronics; Nessie Lessons, voice; Barbara Golden, voice; Barbara Golden, keyboards; Robert Ashley, voice; Maggi Payne, voice; Maggi Payne, electronics; Brian Reinboldt, voice; Brian Reinboldt, electronics; Laetitia Sonami, voice; Laetitia Sonami, electronics; Susan Stone, voice; Susan Stone, electronics; Sheila Davies, voice; Ben Azarm, voice; Carla Fabrizio, voice; Carla Fabrizio, cello; Steven Clark, voice; Jim Hrabetin, bass; Steven Clark, guitar; Marc Weinstein, drums play
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