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Jay Weigel
Music of Jay Weigel

Stephen Dankner
Stephen Danker: Songs of Bygone Days
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Music of Jay Weigel Jay Weigel Carrie Vecchione, oboe; Carolyn Hultquist, violin; Kaaren Makas, cello; Michael Gyurik, viola; David Kazmierzak, violin; Mary Abby Sayle, harp; David Kempers, violin; Gail Carpenter, clarinet; Sally Sherwin, flute; Pam Dobson, flute; John Giordano, Conductor; Forth Worth Chamber Orchestra; Anita Chang, piano; Karen Ray, cello; Shields-Collins Bray, piano play
Stephen Danker: Songs of Bygone Days Stephen Dankner Robert Kassinger, contrabass; Eric Tanner, violin; Valerie Poullette, violin; H. Jac McCracken, piano; Philip Frohnmayer, baritone; Ellen Frohnmayer, soprano; Allen Nisbet, cello; Michael Gyurik, viola; Logan Skelton, piano play
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