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John King
New York Guitars

Phil Kline
Phil Kline: Glow in the Dark
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New York Guitars John King John King, electric guitar; Carolyn Master, electric guitar; Mark Howell, electric guitar; Nick Didkovsky, electric guitar; David First, electric guitar; Brandon Ross, electric guitar; Judy Dunaway, electric guitar; Loren Mazzacane Connors, electric guitar; Ken Valitsky, electric guitar; Phil Kline, electric guitar play
Phil Kline: Glow in the Dark Phil Kline Phil Kline, electronics; Phil Kline, voice; Jonathan Bepler, guitar; Skinny John, guitar; Nanker Phelge, basso continuo; Ellen Watkins, guitar; Wharton Tiers, guitar; Peter Principle, guitar; Mark Howell, guitar; Phil Kline, guitar; Mark Stewart, guitar; Phil Kline, harmonica play
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