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Matthew Mehlan
Skeletons and the Girl-Faced Boys: Git

Symbol: Land Space Water Faith
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Skeletons and the Girl-Faced Boys: Git Matthew Mehlan Matthew Mehlan, voice; Matthew Mehlan, guitar; Matthew Mehlan, piano; Matthew Mehlan, synthesizer; Matthew Mehlan, drum machine; Carson Garhart, bass; Jason McMahon, guitar; Johnny Misheff, voice; Anthony Lowe, voice; Crockett Doob, drums; Severiano Martinez, synthesizer; Anthony Lowe, electronics; Jason McMahon, voice; Carson Garhart, voice; Severiano Martinez, voice; Jonathan Leland, drums; Greg McMahon, flute play
Symbol: Land Space Water Faith Symbol Brooke Gillespie, guitar; Brooke Gillespie, voice; Brooke Gillespie, percussion; MV Carbon, cello; MV Carbon, voice; MV Carbon, electronics; Doron Sadja, saxophone; Doron Sadja, clarinet; Doron Sadja, flute; Doron Sadja, guitar; Doron Sadja, percussion; Doron Sadja, electronics; Doron Sadja, synthesizer; Justin Craun, synthesizer; Mario Diaz de Leon, guitar; Johnny Misheff, synthesizer; Zeljko McMullen, guitar; Zeljko McMullen, voice; Zeljko McMullen, organ; Zeljko McMullen, percussion; Zeljko McMullen, synthesizer; Zeljko McMullen, electronics play
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