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Aimer et Perdre

Songs 1917-1934

Tompkins Square
Dec 1917 — Oct 1934

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play Aimer et Perdre 3:11    
(To Love and to Lose)
Apr 1929

play Polka Mazurka 3:17    
May 1930

play Ladies Quadrille 2:49    
Happy Hayseeds

play Je Veux Marier 3:01    
(I Want to Marry)
Sep 1929

play I Never Will Marry 2:38    
The Carter Family
Jun 1933

play Assi Dans Les Fenetre De Ma Chambre 2:56    
(Sitting In The Window Of My Room)

play Oberek Z Migroda 3:08    
(Oberek from Migroda)
Dec 1928

play De Tuy Bew Yamiezku? 3:15    
(Where Were You Johnny?)
May 1929

play Ukrainske Wesilla w Ameryci, Pt. 1 3:55    
(Ukrainian Wedding in America, Pt. 1)
Mar 1928

play Ukrainske Wesilla w Ameryci, Pt. 2 4:00    
(Ukrainian Wedding in America, Pt. 2)
Mar 1928

play A Freilachs Von Der Chuppe 3:30    
(A Happy Dance From The Wedding Ceremony)
Kandel's Orchestra
Dec 1917

play Uwiedziona Dziewczyna 2:58    
(The Cheated Girl)
Jun 1928

play False Hearted Lover's Blues 3:22    
Sep 1929

play Madame Young, Donnez-Moi Votre Plus Jolie Blonde 3:03    
(Madam Young, Give Me Your Sweetest Blonde)
Mar 1929

play Kolomyika Buczacka 3:00    
(Kolomyika Dance from Buczack)
Mar 1931

play Obertana Z Molodom 3:05    
(Hoedown With The Bride)
Oct 1928

play I Went to See My Sweetheart 2:25    
May 1930

play Two Step de Maman 3:06    
(Mama's Two Step)
Dec 1929

play La Valse De La Prison 2:39    
(The Prison Waltz)
Oct 1929

play Hutzulka W Semerczyni 3:08    
(Hutzulka from Semerczyni)
Oct 1929

play Marusia 3:18    
(Little Mary)
May 1930

play Vous M'avez Donne Votre Parole 3:04    
(You Game Me Your Word)
Mar 1929

play She Lied To Me 2:43    
Emry Arthur
Oct 1929

play L'Abandonnér 2:35    
(The Forsaken)
Nov 1929

play Tanec Husar 3:29    
(Hussar Dance)
Feb 1930

play Wesilny Kozak 3:19    
(Wedding Breakdown)
Feb 1930

play Cyganske Vesilia, Pt. 3 3:20    
(A Lemko Wedding, Pt. 3)
Feb 1930

play Cyganske Vesilia, Pt. 4 3:32    
(A Lemko Wedding, Pt. 4)
Feb 1930

play Chernovitzer Bulgar 3:09    
(Dance from Chernovitz)
Broder Kapelle
Sep 1929

play Po coś Dziewce Powiedziała 3:08    
(Girl, Why Did You Tell?)
Oct 1929

play Too Late 3:31    
Stoneman Family
Nov 1928

play Quelqu'un est Jaloux 2:49    
(Someone is Jealous)
Nov 1929

play Prydany 3:12    
(A Reception for the In-Laws)
Nov 1928

play Holubka Polka 3:34    
May 1930

play Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice 2:43    
Mar 1927

play One Step A Marie 2:51    
(Mary's One Step)
Breaux Freres
Oct 1934