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Paul Sperry Sings An American Sampler

Albany Records

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play Pied Beauty 1:09 Louise Talma    
play Orpheus with His Lute 2:00 William Schuman    
play My Sweet Old Etcetera 2:07 Hugo Weisgall    
play When Frost Moves Fast 1:06 Morten Lauridsen    
play Dirge for Two Veterans 4:57 Kurt Weill    
play Love in the Dictionary 2:10 Celius Dougherty    
play Mourn, Mourn 3:56 Ben Weber    
play George 3:33 William Bolcom; Paul Sperry    
play Bells in the Rain 2:16 John Duke    
play Horror Movie 4:03 William Flanagan    
play The Rose Family :59 Elliott Carter    
play And What of Love 2:42 Morten Lauridsen    
play Who Wrote This Fiendish Rite of Spring :58 Henry Cowell    
play Waitin' 2:11 William Bolcom    
play Shadow of The Blues 8:29 John Musto    
play Shadow of The Blues: Silhouette :51 John Musto    
play Shadow of The Blues: Litany 3:32 John Musto    
play Shadow of The Blues: Island 1:21 John Musto    
play Shadow of The Blues: Could Be 2:43 John Musto    
play Quicksilver 2:24 Robert Beaser    
play For Poulenc 3:00 Ned Rorem    
play Leap Before You Look 3:10 Louise Talma    
play Solitary Hotel 2:27 Samuel Barber    
play The Lament of Ian The Proud 3:25 Charles Tomlinson Griffes    
play Rain Song 1:59 Louise Talma    
play The Bird and The Beast 3:37 Celius Dougherty    
play Spring 2:03 Ned Rorem    
play David's Lamentation 1:44 Elie Siegmeister, arr.; William Billings    
play Dust of Snow 1:07 Elliott Carter    
play No One to Love 2:16 Warren Swenson, arr.; Stephen Foster    
play The Lepidoptera Waltz 2:21 Warren Swenson    
play I Don't Wanna Rock and Roll 1:54 Maury Yeston