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Morten Lauridsen
American Choral Music for Male Chorus

Jerome Kern
American Dreamer: Heart Songs

Stephen Foster
American Romantics II

Stephen Foster
Battle Pieces

William H. Hartwell
Cheer, Boys, Cheer! Music Of The 26th N.C. Regimental Band, CSA Volume 2

Ray Klages
Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, Vol. 3 (1931)
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American Choral Music for Male Chorus Morten Lauridsen Harvard Glee Club; Jameson Marvin, Conductor play
American Dreamer: Heart Songs Jerome Kern Jean Danton, soprano; Thomas Stumpf, piano; Michael Curry, cello play
American Romantics II Stephen Foster Gowanus Arts Ensemble; Orlando Wells, violin; Keats Dieffenbach, violin; Heather Frank-Olsen, violin; Yuiko Kamakari, violin; Una Tone, violin; Margaret Dyer Harris, viola; Beth Meyers, viola; Julian Schwarz, cello; Jeanette Stenson, cello; Rick Ostrovsky, bass; Reuben Blundell, Conductor play
Battle Pieces Stephen Foster George Shirley, tenor; William Bolcom, piano play
Cheer, Boys, Cheer! Music Of The 26th N.C. Regimental Band, CSA Volume 2 William H. Hartwell Raymond Mase, E-flat cornet; Buckley; David Wakefield, alto horn; Anon.; Robert E. Sheldon, alto horn; American Brass Quintet Brass Band; Michael Powell, B-flat tenor horn; John D. Rojak, E-flat bass horn; Benjamin Herman, bass drum; Lee Soper, cornet; Kevin Cobb, cornet; Allan Dean, E-flat cornet; Michael Hosford, B-flat tenor horn; John R. Beck, snare drum; Kenneth Finn, alto horn play
Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, Vol. 3 (1931) Ray Klages Sam Lanin's Orchestra; Bunny Berigan, trumpet; Arthur Schutt, piano; Paul Small, voice; Sam Lanin, Conductor; Hit of the Week Orchestra; Scrappy Lambert, voice; Bert Hirsch, Conductor; College Humor Trio; Scrappy Lambert's Collegians; Don Voorhees Orchestra; Fred "Fuzzy" Farrar, trumpet; Bill Trone, trombone; Charlie Butterfield, trombone; Alwyn Bach, announcer; Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra; Tommy Gott, trumpet; Tommy Dorsey, trombone; Cornell Smelser, accordion; Joe Venuti, violin; Eddie Lang, guitar; Men About Town Trio; Tony Wons, announcer; Phil Spitalny's Orchestra; Bob Effros, trumpet; Phil Spitalny, Conductor; Red Book Magazine Orchestra; Phil Spitalny's Music; Eddie Cantor, voice; Walter Gross, piano; Ben Alley, voice; The Paull Sisters; Julia Paull, voice; Ruth Paull, voice; The Eton Boys; Earl Smith, tenor; Art Gentry, tenor; Jack Day, baritone; Charles Day, bass; Gene Austin, voice; Helen Rowland, voice; Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians; Bill Coty, voice; Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees; Joe Miller, saxophone; Manny Lowy, violin; Jules de Vorzon, violin; Cliff Burwell, piano; Charles Peterson, banjo; Harry Patent, bass; Roy Toland, drums; Rudy Vallee, voice; Rudy Vallee Orchestra; Richard Himber, Conductor; Erno Rapée's Orchedtra; Mannie Klein, trumpet; Jimmy Dorsey, saxophone; Erno Rapée, Conductor play
The Early Minstrel Show Daniel Decatur Emmett Robert B. Winans, banjo; Anon.; Matthew Heumann, tambourine; Percy Danforth, bones; Vincent Tufo, fiddle; Roger Smith, bass; Brian Mark, baritone; Peter DiSante, voice, "lead"; David Van Veersbilck, tenor play
Heartsongs & Audubon Carver Blanchard Carver Blanchard, lute; Carver Blanchard, voice play
Johnnie Valentino: Searching Souls Thelonious Monk Mick Rossi, drums; Johnnie Valentino, guitar; Kermit Driscoll, bass; Billy Drewes, clarinet; Mick Rossi, piano; Rick Rossi, bass clarinet; Andy Laster, clarinet; Johnnie Valentino, mandolin; Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet; Trevor Ware, bass; Vinny Golia, clarinet; Vinny Golia, bass clarinet; Jimmy DiJulio, drums play
Lost Sounds Blacks and the Birth of the Recording Industry 1891-1922 Chas. Hunn Unique Quartette; Standard Quartette; Oriole Quartette; Cousins and DeMoss; Sam Cousins; Ed DeMoss; Dinwiddie Colored Quartet; Polk Miller's Old South Quartette; Randall Graves, tenor; Fisk University Jubilee Quartet; John Wesley Work II, tenor; James Andrew Myers, tenor; Alfred Garfield King, bass; Noah Walker Ryder, bass; Apollo Jubilee Quartet; Right Quintette; James W. Loguen, tenor; Clarence Tisdale, tenor; James M. Thomas, baritone; James E. Lightfoot, bass; Leon Adger, piano; Four Harmony Kings; Ivan Browning, tenor; William A. Hann, bass; Charley Case, speaker; George W. Johnson; Louis Vasnier, speaker; Williams and Quinn's Imperial Minstrels Spencer; Len Spencer, speaker; Billy Williams, speaker; Williams and Walker; Bert Williams; George Walker; George W. Johnson, speaker; Bert Williams, baritone; Jack Johnson, speaker; Opal Cooper, tenor; Noble Sissle, tenor; Booker T. Washington, speaker; Thomas Craig, bass; Carroll Clark, baritone; Daisy Tapley, contralto; Roland Hayes, tenor; Harry T. Burleigh, baritone; Edward H.S. Boatner, baritone; Florence Cole-Talbert, soprano; William Leonard King, piano; R. Nathaniel Dett, piano; Clarence Cameron White, violin; Edward Sterling Wright, speaker; Europe's Society Orchestra; Joan Sawyer's Persian Garden Orchestra; Ciro's Club Coon Orchestra; Seth Jones, baritone; Wilbur Sweatman, clarinet; Emerson Trio; Memphis Pickaninny Band; Eubie Blake Trio; Eubie Blake, piano; Blake's Jazzone Orchestra; Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band; Lieutenant Jim Europe's 369th Infantry "Hell Fighters" Band; Dabney's Band; Handy's Memphis Blues Band play
Lute Unleashed J. Rosamond Johnson Jim Cowdery, recorder; Nel Moore, harmonica; Glen Saunders, string bass; Carver Blanchard, lute; Carver Blanchard, voice play
Masters of the Clarinet 1892-1920 E. S. Thornton R. K. Franklin, clarinet; (not credited), clarinet; Felix Jardella, clarinet; Joseph Norrita, clarinet; August Stengler, clarinet; George McNeice, clarinet; Theodore Pusinelli, clarinet; William Tuson, clarinet; George Rubel, clarinet; Louis H. Christie, clarinet; Anthony Giammatteo, clarinet; Julius Spindler, flute; Frederick Brissett, clarinet; Pietro Caso, flute play
Paul Sperry Sings An American Sampler William Bolcom Paul Sperry, tenor; Irma Vallecillo, piano play
Phonographic Yearbook: 1908 "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Stephen Foster Alan Turner, baritone; Peerless Quartet; Albert Campbell, tenor; Henry Burr, tenor; Steve Porter, baritone; Billy Murray, tenor; Frank C. Stanley, bass; Arthur Collins, baritone; Byron G. Harlan, tenor; Elise Stevenson, soprano; Harry MacDonough, tenor; Haydn Quartet; John Bieling, tenor; S. H. Dudley, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass; Frank C. Stanley, baritone; Ada Jones, soprano; Lucy Isabelle Marsh, soprano; Eddie Morton, baritone; George Stehl, violin; Marshall Lufsky, flute; Paul Surth, harp; Clarice Vance; Victor Orchestra; Walter B. Rogers, Conductor play
Phonographic Yearbook: The 1890s, Vol. 1 John Philip Sousa The Sousa Band; John W. Myers, baritone; George J. Gaskin; Haydn Quartet; John Bieling, tenor; Jere Mahoney, tenor; S. H. Dudley, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass; Gilmore's Band; Dan W. Quinn, tenor; John Yorke AtLee; Fred Gaisberg, piano; Russell Hunting; Edison Quartet; Roger Harding, tenor; Edison Grand Concert Band; George W. Johnson; Ada Jones; Edward M. Favor; U.S. Marine Band; Cal Stewart; Billy Golden; Arthur Collins; John J. Fisher, bass; Steve Porter, baritone; Edward Franklin; Vess L. Ossman, banjo; Len Spencer play
Stephen Foster Songs Stephen Foster Julianne Baird, soprano; Steve Schneider, accordion; Steve Schneider, dulcimer; Steve Schneider, recorder; Steve Schneider, harmonica; Frederick Urrey, tenor; John Van Buskirk, fortepiano; Ridley Enslow, fiddle; Linda Russell, alto; Linda Russell, dulcimer play
A Storm in the Land: Music of the 26th N.C. Regimental Band, CSA Daniel Decatur Emmett Allan Dean, E-flat cornet; Kevin Cobb, cornet; Lee Soper, cornet, "3"; Raymond Mase, E-flat cornet; John Beck, snare drum; Benjamin Herman, bass drum; Michael Hosford, B-flat tenor horn; Michael Powell, B-flat tenor horn; Robert E. Sheldon, alto horn; David Wakefield, alto horn; John D. Rojak, E-flat bass horn; American Brass Quintet; Kenneth Finn, baritone horn; Swabada play
There Breathes a Hope The Legacy Of John Work II and His Fisk Jubilee Quartet, 1909-1916 Traditional Jerome I. Wright, speaker; Fisk University Jubilee Quartet; John Wesley Work II, tenor; James Andrew Myers, tenor; Alfred Garfield King, bass; Noah Walker Ryder, bass; James Andrew Myers, speaker; Leon P. O'Hara, baritone; Roland Hayes, tenor; Leon P. O'Hara, bass; Charles Wesley, bass; J. Everett Harris, baritone; Lemuel L. Foster, bass play
Was My Brother In The Battle? Songs of War Tom Lehrer Nicole Esposito, flute; Nicole Esposito, piccolo; David Gompper, piano; Stephen Swanson, baritone play
Waxing the Gospel Joseph P. Webster Emile Berliner; Holding's Parlor Orchestra; Bison City Quartette; Baldwin's Cadet Band of Boston; Standard Quartette; Thomas Bott, bass; Mozart Quartette; David C. Bangs; J. W. Myers, baritone; Len Spencer; J. J. Fisher, bass; Steve Porter, baritone; Frank C. Stanley, baritone; Frank Butts; Roger Harding, tenor; Greater New York Quartette; Harry MacDonough, tenor; John R. Sweney; U.S. Marine Band; Dwight L. Moody; Ira D. Sankey; Sankey Quartette; Frances J. Crosby; Charles L. Estey; Edward Taylor; Henry A. Heath; Ocean Grove Auditorium Choir; Winfield S. Weeden; (not credited), trombone; Josiah Reeves Daniels; (not credited); Moody Quartette; (not credited); (not credited), cornet; Silas Leachman; Rittersville Singing Club; Rittersville Children's Chorus; Rittersville United Quartet; Rittersville Choir; Frederick A. Graves; Ann Maria Sawyer; C. Herbert Rust; Bertha W. Rust; Joseph Sawyer and Family; Frank L. Embree; ____ Parcells; Charles Taylor and his Two Daughters; C. W. Crary et al.; Grace Marvin play
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