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Will Oakland Jubilee

Archeophone Records
Feb 1909 — 1954

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play Greetings and early years (featuring "Silver Threads Among the Gold") 2:58 Eben E. Rexford; Hart Pease Danks    
Mar 1909

play Making old records (featuring "When You and I Were Young, Maggie") 2:36 George W. Johnson; James A. Butterfield    
Feb 1909

play Dockstader Minstrels (featuring "Sing Rock-a-Bye Baby to Me") 3:22 Mae Kirkpatrick; Webb Long    
Nov 1913

play Days with Cohan and Harris Minstrels and Primrose’s Minstrels (featuring "Evalyne") 3:05 Paul Dresser    
Nov 1913

play Duets with Billy Murray (featuring "Just for Tonight") 1:52 George L. Cobb    
Jul 1914

play The Original “Three Tenors” (featuring "Everything Reminds Me of That Old Sweetheart of Mine") 1:47 William G. Tracey; Al Harriman    
Jun 1914

play Another trio with Campbell and Burr (featuring "Meet Me in Blossom Time") 2:06 George Moriarty; James Royce Shannon    
Jun 1914

play The Heidelberg Quintet (featuring "Emmett’s Lullaby") 2:44 Joseph Kline Emmett    
play “Modern” tempo (featuring "My Little Lovin' Sugar Babe") 2:16 Stanley Murphy; Henry I. Marshall    
play William F. Hooley, bass singer (featuring "When the Rainbow Shines Bright at the Morn") 2:45 M. T. Bohannon    
William F. Hooley, bass
Jul 1912

play Why Will Oakland records are hard to find 2:54    
Will Oakland

play Will Oakland in the present day (featuring "The Sunshine of Your Smile") 2:24 Leonard Cooke; Lillian Ray    

play Farewell and thanks 1:38    
Will Oakland

play One for the ages (featuring "Danny Boy") 3:34 Traditional; Frederick Edward Weatherly, Lyricist