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William Bolcom
American Masterpieces for Piano Duo

Dave Brubeck
John Salmon Plays Brubeck

Takaaki Otomo
New Kid In Town

Chris Brubeck
Red, White & Blues: Crofut/Brubeck

Chris Brubeck
Unsquare Dance
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title composer artists/ensemble play
American Masterpieces for Piano Duo William Bolcom The Wang-Rodgers Piano Duo; Diane Wang, piano; Stacy Rodgers, piano; Jennifer Robinson, soprano; Bradley Robinson, baritone play
John Salmon Plays Brubeck Dave Brubeck John Salmon, piano play
New Kid In Town Takaaki Otomo Takaaki Otomo, piano; Noriko Ueda, bass; Jared Schonig, drums play
Red, White & Blues: Crofut/Brubeck Chris Brubeck Chris Brubeck, piano; Goshen College Audience, voice; Peter Madcat Ruth, harmonica; Peter Madcat Ruth, voice; Peter Madcat Ruth, whistle; Peter Madcat Ruth, jaw harp; Peter Madcat Ruth, toothbrush; Chris Brubeck, voice; Chris Brubeck, trombone; Chris Brubeck, fretless bass; Chris Brubeck, 12-string guitar; Joel Brown, voice; Joel Brown, guitar; Bill Crofut, voice; Bill Crofut, 12-string guitar; Bill Crofut, banjo play
Unsquare Dance Chris Brubeck Bill Crofut; Joel Brown; Chris Brubeck; Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia play
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