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Alvin Curran
Alvin Curran: Schtyx

David Weinstein
Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 2

Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson: Ever Changing Minstrel

Bloody War: Songs 1924-1939

Gerry Hemingway
Braxton/Hemingway – Old Dogs

Bill Cox
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
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Alvin Curran: Schtyx Alvin Curran Julie Steinberg, piano; Julie Steinberg, prepared piano; Julie Steinberg, violin; Julie Steinberg, dog whistle; Julie Steinberg, harmonica; Julie Steinberg, bass drum; David Abel, violin; David Abel, hi-hat; David Abel, dog whistle; William Winant, percussion; William Winant, dog whistle; William Winant, violin; Sharon Wood, violin; Meg Tichener, viola; Dina Weinschelbaum, cello play
Anla Courtis: The Torrid Anla Courtis Anla Courtis, guitar; Anla Courtis, electronics; Rick Potts, guitar; Rick Potts, tape; Joseph Hammer, recorder; Joseph Hammer, tape; RLW; Ralf Wehowsky, kalimba; Ralf Wehowsky, cappuccino shaker; Bill Horist, guitar; Anla Courtis, voice; KK Null, electronics; KK Null, voice; Koji Tano, electronics; MSBR; V/VM; V/VM, field recordings; Armpit; Anla Courtis, harmonica; Daniel Menche, field recording; Anla Courtis, tape; Campbell Kneale, organ; Campbell Kneale, electronics play
Bang on a Can Live, Vol. 2 David Weinstein David Weinstein, electronics; Shelley Hirsch, voice; A Cloud Nine Consort; Alan Moverman, synthesizer; Alan Moverman, piano; Tigger Benford, percussion; Gary Trosclair, trumpet; Mark Stewart, electric guitar; Cees van Zeeland, piano; Gerard Bouwhuis, piano; Mayuki Fukuhara, violin; Sara Clarke, viola; Elizabeth Brown, shakuhachi; Theodore Mook, cello; Steven Schick, percussion; Joshua Gordon, cello; Laura Gilbert, alto flute; Victoria Drake, harp; Phil Kline, boomboxes; Phil Kline, harmonica play
Bill Barrett: Backbone Bill Barrett Bill Barrett, harmonica; Ken Lasaine, guitar; Bill Barrett Quartet; Wayne Peet, piano; Wayne Peet, organ; Russell Bizzett, drums play
Bill Wilson: Ever Changing Minstrel Bill Wilson Bill Wilson, voice; Bill Wilson, guitar; Mac Gayden, guitar; Charlie Daniels, guitar; Bob Wilson, piano; Charlie McCoy, harmonica; Kenny Buttrey, drums; Jerry Reed, guitar; Pete Drake, steel guitar; Cissy Houston, voice play
Bloody War: Songs 1924-1939 Zeke Morris, voice; Zeke Morris, guitar; Jimmy Yates' Boll Weevils; David Lischkoff, fiddle; Jimmy Yates, steel guitar; Alfred McCarty, guitar; Al Treadway, ukulele; Al Treadway, voice; Buell Kazee, voice; Bert Hirsch, violin; (not credited), piano; Carson Robison, guitar; Coley Jones, voice; Coley Jones, guitar; Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton; Jimmie Tarlton, steel guitar; Jimmie Tarlton, voice; Tom Darby, guitar; Tom Darby, voice; Red Patterson's Piedmont Log Rollers; Percy Setliff, fiddle; John Fletcher 'Red" Patterson, banjo; John Fletcher 'Red" Patterson, voice; Dick Nolen, tenor banjo; Lee Nolen, guitar; Frank Hutchison, harmonica; Frank Hutchison, guitar; Fiddlin' John Carson & His Virginia Reelers; Dixon Brothers; Howard Dixon, steel guitar; Howard Dixon, voice; Dorsey Dixon, guitar; Dorsey Dixon, voice; Mutt Evans, guitar; Mutt Evans, voice; Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers; Earl Johnson, fiddle; Earl Johnson, voice; Emmett Bankston, banjo; Lee "Red" Henderson, guitar; Ernest V. Stoneman, voice; Ernest V. Stoneman, harmonica; Ernest V. Stoneman, autoharp; Grayson and Whitter; Gilliam Banmon Grayson, fiddle; Gilliam Banmon Grayson, voice; Henry Whitter, guitar; Wade Mainer & Sons of the Mountaineers; Wade Mainer, voice; Wade Mainer, banjo; Clyde Moody, voice; Jay Hugh Hall, voice; William and Versey Smith play
Braxton/Hemingway – Old Dogs Gerry Hemingway Gerry Hemingway, steel drums; Gerry Hemingway, vibraphone; Anthony Braxton, soprano saxophone; Anthony Braxton, bass saxophone; Anthony Braxton, c-melody saxophone; Gerry Hemingway, drums; Gerry Hemingway, woodblocks; Gerry Hemingway, percussion; Anthony Braxton, contrabass saxophone; Anthony Braxton, alto saxophone; Gerry Hemingway, sampler; Anthony Braxton, sopranino saxophone; Gerry Hemingway, voice; Gerry Hemingway, harmonica; Gerry Hemingway, marimba; Anthony Braxton, baritone saxophone play
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Bill Cox Delmore Brothers; David Harrison ("Uncle Dave") Macon, voice; Kenny Baker, voice; Bing Crosby, voice; Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra; Woody Guthrie, guitar; Woody Guthrie, harmonica; Glenn Miller; Almanac Singers; Glenn Miller and His Orchestra; Pete Seeger, voice; Woody Guthrie, voice; Gene Autry, voice; Shirley Temple, voice; Lennie Hayton and His Orchestra; Harry Sosnik; David Harrison ("Uncle Dave") Macon, banjo; Bill Cox, harmonica; Evening Breezes Sextet; Bill Cox, voice; Bill Cox, guitar; Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees; Anon.; Big Bill Broonzy, voice; Deane Janis, voice; Rudy Vallee, voice; Dick Powell, voice; Glen Gray play
Charlie Louvin: Live At Shake It Records Charlie Louvin, voice; Bill Kelly, guitar; Bill Kelly, voice; Brent Wilson, bass; Brent Wilson, voice; Kevin Kathey, drums; Perley Curtis, dobro; Tom Ray, harmonica play
Christmas Cedar and Spruce Lowell Mason Peter Madcat Ruth, harmonica; Chris Brubeck, bass; Jason Brown, bass; Joel Brown, guitar; Andrew Brown, cello; Kristin Bacchiocchi-Stewart, flute; Chris Brubeck, piano; Frank Brown, clarinet; Chuck D'Aloia, guitar play
Fast Forward: Same Same Ben Neill, water whistle; Fast Forward, timbales; Fast Forward; Fast Forward, water whistle; Fast Forward, alarm sirens; Yuval Gabay, water whistle; Yuval Gabay, tom-tom; James Lo, voice; David Moss, tom-tom; James Lo, tom-tom; David Moss, water whistle; Ben Neill, mutantrumpet; Ben Neill, electronics; Yuval Gabay; James Lo, water whistle; David Moss, snare drum; Ikue Mori, drum machine; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; Alex Tobias, harmonica; Fast Forward, tape; Alex Tobias, bodhran; Takehisa Kosugi, violin; Michelle Kinney, adhesive tape; Fast Forward, dishes; Michelle Kinney, cello; Fast Forward, pedal steel guitar; Fast Forward; Alex Tobias; David Shea, turntables; Fast Forward, televisions; David Moss, electronics; David Moss, voice; Takehisa Kosugi, voice; Fast Forward, peddlers drums; Fast Forward, telephone books; David Moss, percussion play
I'm Going Down To North Carolina: The Complete Recordings Of The Red Fox Chasers (1923-1931) Stanley Carter The Red Fox Chasers; Paul Miles, banjo; Guy Brooks, violin; A.P. Thompson, guitar; A.P. Thompson, voice; Bob Cranford, harmonica; Bob Cranford, voice play
Kamikaze Ground Crew: Madam Marie’s Temple of Knowledge Doug Wieselman Danny Frankel, whistle; Ralph Carney, alto saxophone; Ralph Carney, harmonica; Gina Leishman, piccolo; Gina Leishman, toy piano; Gina Leishman, piano; Gina Leishman, alto saxophone; Gina Leishman, voice; Danny Frankel, percussion; Ralph Carney, tenor saxophone; Doug Wieselman, clarinet; Doug Wieselman, castanets; Doug Wieselman, tenor saxophone; Doug Wieselman, soprano saxophone; Doug Wieselman, baritone saxophone; Steven Bernstein, trumpet; Steven Bernstein, slide trumpet; Bob Lipton, tuba; Steven Bernstein, cornet; Steven Bernstein, flugelhorn; Kamikaze Ground Crew; Danny Frankel, drums; Doug Wieselman, E-flat clarinet; Ralph Carney, clarinet; Jeff Cressman, trombone; Gina Leishman, accordion; Gina Leishman, bass clarinet; Ralph Carney, toy piano play
Let's Get Loose: Folk and Popular Blues Styles from the Beginnings to the Early 1940s Yank Rachell James McCrary, voice; Walter Roland, piano; Harlem Hamfats; Johnson Boys; Ben Quillian, voice; Charles Tyus, voice; Hattie Hudson, voice; Leroy Carr, piano; Gray; Willie Tyson, piano; Clara Smith, voice; Tommy McClennan, voice; George O'Connor, voice; Big Bill Broonzy, guitar; Blind John Davis, piano; Rufus Quillian, voice; Five Breezes; James McCrary, guitar; Yank Rachell, voice; Washboard Sam, washboard; Yank Rachell, guitar; Alfred Elkins, washtub bass; Pillie Bolling, guitar; Pillie Bolling, voice; Effie Tyus, voice; Tommy McClennan, guitar; Sonny Boy Williamson, voice; Leroy Carr, voice; Sonny Boy Williamson, harmonica; Rufus Quillian, piano; Buck Mountain Band; Francis Blackwell, guitar; Ed Allen, cornet; Monarch Jazz Quartet of Norfolk; Walter Roland, voice play
Lute Unleashed J. Rosamond Johnson Jim Cowdery, recorder; Nel Moore, harmonica; Glen Saunders, string bass; Carver Blanchard, lute; Carver Blanchard, voice play
Music for Merce Christian Wolff Christian Wolff, electronics; David Tudor, piano; John Cage, piano; John Cage, electronics; David Tudor, electronics; Gordon Mumma, electronics; David Tudor, bandoneon; David Behrman, viola; John Cage, voice; John Cage, percussion; Gordon Mumma, horn; Malcolm Goldstein, violin; Max Neuhaus, percussion; Valda Setterfield, voice; Carolyn Brown, voice; Barbara Dilley Lloyd, voice; Beverly Emmons, voice; Gordon Mumma, voice; Jean Rigg, electronics; Jean Rigg, voice; David Tudor, voice; David Tudor, organ; Gordon Mumma, cornet; Garrett List, trombone; Frederic Rzewski, piano; Takehisa Kosugi, violin; Takehisa Kosugi, voice; Takehisa Kosugi, electronics; Maryanne Amacher, electronics; Jon Gibson, flute; Jon Gibson, electronics; John Cage, conch shell; Paeder Mercier, conch shell; Mel Mercier, conch shell; John David Fullemann, foghorn; John David Fullemann, electronics; Martin Kalve, qin; Yoshiharu Suenobu, narrator; John King, electric prepared violin; Takehisa Kosugi, sitar; Takehisa Kosugi, percussion; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Michael Pugliese, electronics; David Tudor, percussion; Takehisa Kosugi; Michael Pugliese; David Tudor; Takehisa Kosugi, rain stick; David Tudor, rain stick; Michael Pugliese, rain stick; Michael Pugliese, piano; John D.S. Adams, rain stick; John King, dobro; John King, electronics; Stuart Dempster, garden hose; Stuart Dempster, conch shell; Chad Kirby, conch shell; Takehisa Kosugi, conch shell; Paul DeMarinis, laptop; Jim O'Rourke, laptop; Stuart Dempster, trombone; Takehisa Kosugi, electric violin; Christian Wolff, piano; Christian Wolff, melodica; Takehisa Kosugi, harmonica; Loren Dempster, cello; Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice; Arturo Tamayo, Conductor; John King, laptop; David Behrman, laptop; John King, electric guitar; John King, viola; Christian Wolff, prepared piano; David Behrman, zither; Stephen Moore, electronics; David Behrman, percussion; Fast Forward, steelpan; David Behrman, voice; Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone; Christian Marclay, turntables; James Woodrow, electric guitar; James Woodrow, electronics; Christian Wolff, percussion; David Behrman, violin; David Behrman, psaltery; George Lewis, trombone; George Lewis, laptop; Marina Rosenfeld, turntables; Marina Rosenfeld, electronics; Ikue Mori, laptop; Philip Selway, drum machine; Philip Selway, electronics; Rimbaud, Robin (aka Scanner), laptop; John Paul Jones, electric triple-neck mandolin; John Paul Jones, electronics; Stephen Montague, prepared piano; Stephen Montague, percussion; David Behrman, recorder; David Behrman, guitar; Christian Wolff, electric guitar; Brenda Hutchinson, long tube; Brenda Hutchinson, electronics; Brenda Hutchinson, voice; Robin Schulkowsky, percussion play
Music of Donald Erb Donald Erb Voices of Change; Voices of Change; Doug Howard, percussion; Susan Dederich, harp; Gayane Manasjan, cello; Ronald Neal, violin; Harvey Boatright, flute; Jo Boatright, piano; Ross Powell, clarinet; Robert Fernandez, percussion; Miles Anderson, trombone; Deborah Mashburn, percussion; Harvey Boatright, harmonica; Jo Boatright, electric piano; Will Roberts, bassoon; Gregory Hastis, horn; Phillip Sargeant, oboe; Koch String Quartet; John White, harpsichord; Joseph Koch, violin; Samuel Epstein, violin; William Kiraly, viola; Donald White, cello play
Music of Our Time, Vol. 3 - George Crumb Robert Southey, Poet David Crumb, mandolin; Derek Yale, voice; Kenneth Miller, percussion; Sophie Labiner, harp; Orchestra 2001; Marcantonio Barone, piano; Patrick Mercuri, mandolin; James Freeman, Conductor; Dorothy Freeman, harmonica; Dorothy Freeman, oboe; William Kerrigan, percussion; Susan Jones, percussion; Lori Barnet, musical saw; Barbara Ann Martin, soprano; David Crumb, voice; Noël Bisson, voice; James Freeman, piano; Sydney Foster, glass harmonica; Ken Williams, glass harmonica; Geoffrey Michaels, violin; Sonja Downing, glass harmonica; Lori Barnet, cello play
Oh My Little Darling: Folk Song Types Thaddeus C Willingham, banjo; S. D. Courville, fiddle; Lonely Eagles; Arthur Tanner and His Blue Ridge Cornhuskers; James Roberts, guitar; Nelstones Hawaiians; Guinn Foster, guitar; The Sons of the Mountaineers; Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Singers; J. T. Allisons Sacred Harp Singers; Dennis McGee, fiddle; Roy Smeck, guitar; Fiddlin' John Carson, fiddle; Wesley Hargis, guitar; Daddy John Love, guitar; Tom Clarence Ashley, guitar; Roy Smeck, harmonica; Guinn Foster, harmonica; Mrs. Crockett Ward; James Touchstone, guitar; Hubert Nelson, guitar; Asa Martin, guitar; John I. White, voice; Wade Mainer, voice; Almeda Riddle, voice; Crockett Ward, voice; Fields Ward, voice; Wesley Hargis, voice; Mrs. Lena Bare Turbyfill, voice; Mrs. Lloyd Bare Hagie, voice; Fiddlin' John Carson, voice; Sarah Ogan, voice; Daddy John Love, voice; Dennis McGee, voice; Thaddeus C Willingham, voice; Wilmer Watts, voice; Arthur Tanner, voice; Asa Martin, voice; Tom Clarence Ashley, voice; Hubert Nelson, voice; James Touchstone, voice; Ernest Phipps, voice; J. T. Allison, voice play
People Take Warning! Francis Sims Hi Henry Brown; Charlie Jordan; Skillet Lickers; Birmingham Jug Band; Bob Miller; Ernest Stoneman; Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt; Blind Alfred Reed; Bill Cox; Dixon Brothers; Cliff Carlisle; Walter E. "Furry" Lewis; Carver Boys; Richard "Rabbitt" Brown; Paul Miles and the Red Fox Chasers; Kentucky Ramblers; Riley Puckett; J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers; Frank Hutchison; Fred Pendleton & The West Virginia Melody Boys; William and Versey Smith; Robert Hicks; Fiddlin' John Carson; Charlie Patton; Charlotte & Bob Miller; Elder Curry; Kansas Joe; Minnie Douglas (Memphis Minnie); Andrew Jenkins; J.H. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies; Asa Martin; James Roberts; Andy and Flip Cap; Samuel Warren Caplinger; Andrew Patterson; William ‘‘Flip’’ Strickland; Charlie Poole; David Harrison ("Uncle Dave") Macon; McGee Brothers; Eddie James "Son" House; Green Bailey; Vernon Dalhart; Carson Robison Trio; W.A. Lindsey; Alvin Condor; Elders McIntorsh & Edwards; Appalachia Vagabond (Hayes Shepherd); Earl Johnson; Kahle Brewer; Kelly Harrell; Carolina Buddies; Clarence Ashley; Will Bennett; Dykes Magic City Trio; Dennis McGee; Ernest Fruge; B.F. Shelton; Grayson and Whitter; Gilliam Banmon Grayson, fiddle; Henry Whitter, guitar; Floyd County Ramblers; John Hammond; Roy Harvey and the North Carolina Ramblers; Ashley and Foster; Clarence Ashley, guitar; Gwen Foster, harmonica; Wilmer Watts and the Lonely Eagles; Willie Walker play
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