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Concerto for Trumpet and Five Players Ellen Taaffe Zwilich Zubin Mehta, Conductor; Harriet Wingreen, piano; Jon Deak, contrabass; Christopher Lamb, percussion; Steve Freeman, bass clarinet; Steve Freeman, clarinet; Mindy Kaufman, flute; Mindy Kaufman, piccolo; Philip Smith, trumpet play
Grass Concerto for Two Double Basses and Orchestra Paul Chihara London Symphony Orchestra; Neville Marriner, Conductor; Jon Deak, double bass; Buell Neidlinger, double bass play
Haddock's Eyes David Del Tredici Gary Levinson, violin; Paul Clement, cello; Jon Deak, bass; Stanley Drucker, clarinet; Zubin Mehta, Conductor; Susan Narucki, soprano; Claire Bloom, narrator; Jerome Ashby, horn; Sandra Church, flute; Sharon Yamada, violin; Philip Smith, trumpet; Irene Breslaw, viola; David Del Tredici, piano play
Portrait of Three Ladies (American) Edwin London Kenneth Serrantino, trumpet; Jerry Tessin, trumpet; Robert Weiss, trombone; James Plondke, tuba; Michael Udow, percussion; Lee Duckles, cello; University of Illinois Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Charles Braugham, percussion; James Keays, French horn; Robert Quade, clarinet; Edwin London, Conductor; Ronald Dewar, bass clarinet; Ronald Dewar, tenor saxophone; Thomas Howell, piccolo; Thomas Howell, flute; Marilyn Coles, soprano; Royal MacDonald; Jon Deak, contrabass; Andrea Een, violin play
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